“The entire nation was agitated and angry in the wake of terror attack by “Jaish-e-Mohammed” in pulwama. Today the Indian Air Force demolished “Jaish-e-Mohammed’s Pakistan based “base-camps” by precision air strikes. We congratulate the Government of India and the Indian Air Force for exactly translating the feelings and anger of millions of Indians. These air strikes were carried out without causing any harm and damage to the Pakistani Army and civilians as well, which is in tune with the Bharatiya Culture”.

Suresh (Bhaiyya) Joshi


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh


With the whole nation rejoicing the fact that, we have not kept quiet on the horrific suicide bomber attack at Pulwama, on the 14th February, the news of this early morning’s attack live streaming on all the channels, confirmed by the official statement by India’s Foreign Secretary, Sri. Vijay Gokhale on the strike on Jaish-e-Mohammed’s training camp. In his speech the most important fact that he said, “In an intelligence led operation in the early hours of today, India struck the biggest training camp of JeM in Balakot. In this operation,  a very large number of JeM terrorists, trainers, senior commanders and group of jihadis who were being trained for fidayeen action were eliminated. This facility by Maulana Yousuf Azhar (alais Ustad Ghouri), the brother-in-law of Masood Azhar, Chief of JeM.”.

He further added, “The Government of India is firmly and resolutely committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the menace of terrorism. Hence this, NON-MILITARY PRE-EMPTIVE ACTION, was specifically targeted at the JeM camp. The selection of the target was also conditioned by our desire to avoid civilian casualties. The facility is located in thick forest on a hilltop far away from any civilian presence”.

All you need to know about the Balakot terror camp, the air strike which killed a large number of terrorists and trainers of the Pakistan-based terror group which is said to be preparing for more suicide attacks in India.

1.      The Balakot-based Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp destroyed by Indian Air Force was located on the bank of the kunhar river in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and was used for “battle inoculation”, where the trainers were retired officers of the Pakistan Army. Several inspirational lectures were delivered at this camp by JeM founder and terror mastermind Masood Azhar and other terrorist leaders on several occasions.

2.      The camp was also used by the Hizbul Mujahideen terror group.

3.      Hundreds of terrorists and their trainers were shifted from Pakistan occupied Kashmir to a five-star resort style camp in a hilltop forest in Balakot after the Pulwama attack, providing Indian forces with “a sitting duck target” when they carried out an air strike early Tuesday, killing up to 350 terrorists.

4.      At least 325 terrorists and 25-27 trainers were at the camp, the biggest operated by the Pakistan-based JeM.

5.      Yousuf Azhar, who headed the Balakot camp, is wanted by the CBI, in the IC-814 hijacking case with a pending Interpol red corner notice against him since 2000. He is the brother-in-law of Masood Azhar, Chief of JeM.

6.      The air strike was carried out, when everyone at the camp was sleeping and Pakistani defence establishment had no clue that the attack was coming so deep into their country because they had expected a surgical strike on camps in POK, near the Line of Control.

7.      Fighter and other aircrafts which took off from several air bases, left the Pakistani defence officials confused as to where they were headed. A small group of aircraft broke away from the swarm and headed to Balakot where the sleeping terrorists were sitting ducks for the Indian bombing.

8.      Balakot town is some 80 kms from the LOC, near Abbottabad where the Al-qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was killed in hiding by covert US forces, who had also sneaked into Pakistan to carry out the operation, catching the entire Pakistani military unawares.

9.      In the Balakot camp, the terrorists were imparted the advanced “Daura-e-Khaas” training in advanced weapons, field tactics, explosives, attack on convoys of security forces, making and planting of IEDs, suicide bombing, rigging vehicles for suicide attacks and survival tactics in high altitudes and extreme-stress situations.

10.  The Jem specialises in fidayeen actions and gives immense importance to religious indoctrination and ideological brainwashing.

Mirage 2000, fighter jet used in first airstrike inside Pakistan after 1971 war. India has around three squadrons of Mirage 2000 fighter jets manufactured by French aerospace major Dassault Aviation. A total of 583 mirage-2000 fighter jets were built over a course of 30 years. The Mirage-2000 multi-role aircraft was chosen for the strike for its capability to hit targets with “pin-point” accuracy, a range of bombs and missiles including laser-guided bombs. The Mirage 2000s are fitted with Thales RDY (RADAR DOPPLER MULTI-TARGET) 2 radar which can strike at targets with 100% accuracy. The aircraft was preferred as it is capable of long-range engagement of targets and the assessment was that it can record 100% success rate. Mirage 2000 started its innings with IAF in the year 1985.

This fighter jet played a decisive role in the 1999 Kargil war and turned it in our favour. In 2004 the Government placed more orders for such aircrafts and in 2011, Centre approved for $2.2 billion upgrade package for these aircrafts. It is available in one, two seaters options. It has maximum climbing speed, 60000 feet per minute and designed for all weather penetration at low altitude. The upgradation additional features are night vision, goggle-compatible glass cockpit, advanced navigational systems, advanced identification friend or foe (IFF) system, advanced multi-mode multi-layered radar, fully integrated electronic warfare suite and advanced beyond visual range (BVR) capability. The jet has a length of 14.36 metre and a wingspan of 91.3 metre, it weighs 7500 kg (dry) and has a total take-off weight of 17000 kg.

In the evening, NSA Chief, Ajit Doval, said, “that the destroyed target was not an ordinary terror launch pad or base. It was a virtual garrison. He asserted that the terrorist apparatus at Balakot has been set up with the help from the Pakistani Army and the inter-services intelligence. He further stated that, “the presence of so many JeM commanders in one place was part of a number of desperate steps taken by the ISI in the aftermath of the International Condemnation of the attack on the CRPF convoy, in Pulwama”.

Now after the IAF strikes, China ditches Pakistan, advocates peace. China foreign ministry said that sound and peaceful relationship between India and Pakistan is essential to maintain peace and stability in the region. Beijing obviously wants to make sure that the upcoming meeting of Russia, India, China is not disrupted. A clear signal was sent out, that it would try to restrain New Delhi and Islamabad from aggravating the conflict instead of standing by its ally, Pakistan. The Chinese foreign ministry also advised India to seek international cooperation to resolve the problem of terrorism.

Now the latest update being Pakistan Army confirms Indian jets dropping “four Bombs”. It downplayed the significance, saying the Indian attack was repulsed and while going back the aircraft, “jettisoned their payload”. Army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said, Pakistan will “SURPRISE” India with its response that will be in all domains, including diplomatic, political and military. Prime Minister Imran Khan told the army and the people that get ready for any eventuality. Now it is time for India to wait for our response. We have decided, wait for it, Ghafoor also said. He claimed that India failed to surprise Pakistan. We were ready and not surprised. I said we will surprise you and wait for the surprise. (our) response will come and it will be different.

He also said that Indian jets first tried to enter Lahore-Sialkot sector, while another formation of jets came close to Okara-Bahawalpur area of international border but found Pakistan air force ready and went back. Then a third formation was picked in Muzaffarabad sector which was heavier. It was repulsed but while going back the jettisoned their payload and four bombs fell in jabba, near the town of Balakot, causing no casualties or damage. He asserted that there was not strike but only payload fell. The spokesman also rejected the Indian claim about targeting any infrastructure and said their claim of 350 dead is also false. He also asserted that Pakistan was ready to follow what prime minster khan said that Islamabad would not think about retaliation, but retaliate. They have not attacked, so why should we retaliate immediately? “If they had attacked at military positions, then our forces would have taken on them. But it was not their mission as they wanted provocation. Their mission was to target a civilian place in order to claim that they killed terrorists. So that they could get benefit for elections, he added. We definitely can’t expect anything honest confessions from the Pakistanis excepting make-believes.

The family of G. Subramanian, who was among 40 CRPF jawans killed in the terror attack in Pulwama, on February 14th, welcomed the Indian Air Force airstrike on a terrorist camp in Pakistan on Tuesday. Subramanian hailed from savalapperi village in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu. His widow Krishnaveni, thanked the IAF, for the airstrike. This counter attack by IAF is a prize for the CRPF. We hail it, she said. Stating that terrorism should be wiped out, Subramanian’s father, Ganapathi said, civilians should not be harmed during counter attacks on terrorist camps. I am grieved over the death of my son in the Kashmir attack. The entire family was dependent on him, he said.

Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi ji, in his first rally after Balakot strike said, “Country is in safe hands and will not let the country down. Today is a day to pay homage to India’s brave hearts”.