On December 18, I wrote an article on “JADERI” IN SRIVAISHNAVISM CULT, where I had exclusively covered the very many aspects of the making of the THIRUMAN, the following Saturday i.e. on December 22nd I had gone to Jaderi in person to see the actual process of making the thiruman, one as any layman, second as a columnist from news TN.By then, since I had already written articles about the District Collector of Thiruvannamalai, Sri. K.S. KANDASWAMY, IAS, I thought it was imperative, for a needy cause, that I should report the issues that I had seen, interviewed and inferred. Immediately after my return to Chennai, I sent him a small note, as to the issues concerning the making of thiruman which were to be drawn to his attention,

·         While taking the white rock, still Jaderi people had to pay money to their neighbouring village Thenpoondipattu, where the raw material is on a Porambokku land and taken, transported from there. On September 9th, the collector had issued a Government Order to the people of Jaderi that they can excavate from the neighbouring village totally at free of cost in person after seeing the process making in person.  But this was not followed despite the order issued.

·         Water being a very scarce commodity there, people dreaded to think of their positions in the summer months, as they need water both for personal and for making of thiruman, which takes roughly 10 days to go through the full process, of making of thriuman. They were getting tanker lorries once in five days to fulfil their needs.

·         The village which is very small, with only 150 families, didn’t have a bore well to meet their water woes.

·         They wanted a part-time teacher to give tuitions in their village, preferably who came from in and around the local area, as they had drop outs in schools, as the families had this thiruman making occupation as a fall back.

·         Thenpoondipattu people were charging for the raw material cost as they thought it was on their village-land, WHY should it be given free of cost to Jaderi people?

DECEMBER 22nd,upon the instructions from the Collector, the RDO (Regional Development Officer), cheyyar, was asked to go and inspect the situations regarding the wells in the area which was supplying water to both the above said villages. The inspection was carried at 7 PM, that night and the report that read is as follows:

“There are 4 wells in that panchayat, out of which 2 wells had motor connections, while the other two didn’t have, which had the same status quo when there was a Panchayat Head. Despite having two motor less wells, from the wells with motor connection, from TWAD, water was pumped and filled up in the four overhead tanks and water was being distributed. It is to be noted that, a tender passed in 2017-18, under the 14th financial group monetary plan, a new motor and pipelines fixing order was passed. Now the current situation is that, in two places, the pipelines and gate valve are under repair, owing to which the water is getting wasted. Moreover, of the two wells which had motor connection, one motor was inoperable owing to not having 3 phase connection, as it had only 2 phase, because of this scenario water is not being pumped up, hence has given rise to water woes”. He also ensured that he would rectify this situation on the next day, by which from the following Monday those villages in the panchayat would get uniform supply of water”.


The following Monday i.e., on December 24th, the in charge from the Mines and Minerals Department, Thiruvannamalai, paid a visit to both the villages, especially asked the people in Thenpoondipattu, why they were charging for the raw material despite it taken from the Government land, where the money should go to the Government and not to the village, the village people said they collected money for their village temple and not for the raw material. She sorted out the issue saying, any money collected towards temple also should come voluntarily and not as a compulsory charge. As this was done in the presence of both the villages people, she asked them to follow the collector’s order, not to charge jaderi people for the raw material and to come to a unified understanding as it was always an issue between the two villages.


For the well, day before yesterday, the new motor, pipelines were installed, connectivity of the motor was done yesterday, 14th February, 2019. The collector of Thiruvannamalai, Sri. K.S. KANDASWAMY, IAS, a great visionary, who is a crusader, strives, fights against foeticide, girl child marriages, for girls’ education, who in the month of November conducted MY DREAM, where the girls from 2508 schools, numbering 194940, were asked to write about their dreams, including sending them to schools, not to get them married young, to their parents. The best chosen 10 got to spend a full day with him last week, watched his official duties, had lunch with him and participated in all his schedule that day.

On a telephonic interview this morning he said,

“he confirmed the loan given, to address the financial constraint prevalent amongst the people because of their infrequent making of thiruman, the other earning option agriculture, which had taken a back seat owing to scarcity of water, yesterday came to Jaderi and gave chosen 16 applicants, who had applied loan under the PRIME MINSTER’S MUDRA SCHEME. This is predominantly given to the unorganised, small shopkeepers, small timers”.

“A cheque for 1 lakh each was given to all the 16 applicants, to give immediate relief for their financial woes. In the loan amount one lakh, 35000 is the grant from the Government which they don’t have to repay. They have to repay only 65000, that too Rs. 5000 every three months only. So that makes the loan period, 39 months or 13 trimonthly instalments of Rs. 5000 each. They can repay the loan amount into the bank, where the amount is deposited and the loan amount repaid. As the business is small and market dependent this less amount of loan repayment will be less burdensome and negligible for the applicants.This is given to them to ease their capital investment, to pay any outside loans pending while rotating for making of thiruman”.

“There are more 25 applications collected yesterday, for this loan and these will be processed shortly and will be given to them. The village didn’t have a proper road facility when approached from the main road into the village, he ensured them they would get proper roads once the tender is finalised. He has given sand permission for 200 people thus far. He has all the more drive, to include this thiruman made by hand, to be included into the COTTAGE INDUSTRY LIST of the Government by which their handicrafts would get more recognition”.

When asked, what he thinks of this thiruman making profession to be mechanised, as the villagers have been approached by a Coimbatore Industrialist, this is what he had to say, “those days, we had the ground nut balls made by hand, with jaggery, which in summer used to melt because of heat as it was never packed and used to be in a bottle container, but see the improvement made in that industry, everything is mechanised, packed well which has an expiry date as well. We have to change with the changing times, if the thiruman making process is mechanised, now since the whole family is into this business, later when mechanised, one or two persons’ attention would be needed, the others can go out for work. This way the production would increase as the income too”.

When asked how he would rate the problem solving percentage of this village is concerned, he said, “about 70% of their problems have been addressed to, when their other issues like anganwadi, road, to reach a compromise between the two villages in procuring the raw material through financial officer and police assistance if any, on account of any unforeseen problem, that’s when he can rest his laurels, till then he would initiate all that it needs to be done by him and his team of officials who are constantly monitoring the work done, to be done in the process. He has also advised the concerned officials to intervene, arrive at an amicable, workable solutions between the two villages”.

When asked, how he manages to do so many things at any given point of time, he said, “there is no dearth of resources in our country per se, I have loads and loads of things to be done at any given point of day, but I decide to do the work, which needs my UTTERMOST ATTENTION AND PRIORITY, to manage people and get things done is a challenge by itself, which I try to do to the best of my ability”.

We the news TN team thank you profusely, you are an IAS officer with a difference, undoubtedly, who is FOR THE PEOPLE, TO THE PEOPLE, not only in your thoughts but in actions too, to serve the unserved. Your humility surpasses the good deeds done so far in your district and you are a rare find amongst your ILK AND CLAN.  Sir, we wish may your journey continue forever.