A person who came up in life from a very normal background, who has his head set very cool, without any outbursts, at all testing times, is none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Very recently he had inaugurated a Residential Cricket Academy at Nagpur. He instantly hit a rapport, uninhibited with the kids, fended their googlies with his usual suave, finesse and élan way. While fielding the questions thrown at him by the kids, he narrated from his own experience, “when one gets into the sports arena there are only two results – either you win or lose. When you lose, what matters is how you present yourself and this is what makes you a real hero. How you handle loss and make a comeback in life is most important”.

When kids asked him how he is able to be and stay so cool at all times, while losing a match not being sullen faced and while winning a match at a nail bite finish which would even extend to the last ball of the match, then too not very expressively, openly happy, jumping on the ground? His answer bowled them over and they were in splits. He said, just before any match he would definitely search for a fridge and will give his head into the fridge to stay cool and it really works for him. He went on to be more hilarious than ever, when the sound system, as he was talking, got crankier and crankier by the minute, his immediate rejoinder was that, like how players would like to rest after playing few matches in a row, the mike and the sound system, also needed to rest.

When three kids enacted Captain Cool’s ads in front of him, he was enjoying himself thoroughly and they had him in raptures, later took selfies with those three kids.  When people started jostling to get close to him to take selfies and pictures with him, he shared his concern for the kids not to get hurt in the process.  He also requested the academy authorities that when he leaves the place, he wanted them to ensure that no kids got hurt in their quest for selfies. He had to leave the venue bit early owing to the burgeoning crowds.

Of late much has been talked about his playing form, who has won many accolades for our country be it T20, 50-50, test matches, India became more popular in Cricket, under his captaincy, led many matches to victory not only in India but also in abroad, (though some of the forms he is not playing) no one can match his game strategy, his always cool, calm demeanour, for all those cricket fans of his, immaterial of their age, he will be always THE CAPTAIN COOL.

-Vijayashree Ramesh

The writer is an advocate based at Chennai.