Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji on Tuesday said that, “While most Islamic countries have banned Triple Talaq, it’s not a matter of religion or faith. It is an issue of gender equality, matter of social justice. While speaking on Sabarimala temple issue, he said, “There are some temples, which have their own traditions. Judgement of the woman Supreme Court Judge in Sabarimala case should be read minutely”.

After two women entry, in their 40’s, claimed to have prayed at the Sabarimala temple, protests erupt at several places in Kerala on Wednesday.  BJP led Hindu Organisations have called for a dawn-to-dusk strike on Thursday in Kerala. This two women entry video which went viral on Wednesday has not only led to this but also other incidents Calicut University has postponed all examinations scheduled to be held on Thursday in view of the hartal called by the Sabarimala Karma Samithi. This Samithi has also started blocking roads in many places of Kannur and Kasaragod. Violence in Ernakulam, where a KSRTC driver injured in stone pelting, the protests led by BJP workers, two of them have been arrested in connection with this incident. Police arrested Yuva Morcha State Secretary, Sandeep Varrier when he and several other activists of the Organization tried to wave black flags against Devaswom Minister, Kadakampally Surendran in Guruvayur on Wedneday. Wide spread protests in Thrissur have also been reported.

AN INSIGHT INTO PIRAVOM CHURCH, In a major blow to the Malankara Orthodox Church, the Supreme Court on November 19, 2018, ordered that status quo should be maintained in the affairs of Church of Kings at Piravom, by the same administrators, in popularly known as, Piravom Church. This Church is under the control of Jacobite Syrian Church and it conducts the holy mass and other services at the Church. “The move by the Malankara Orthodox Church to wrest control of the Piravom Church failed following the SC order. More than 80 percent of the believers in the Church are Jacobites’ and therefore there are no compelling circumstances which necessitate the handover of the Church to the others” said Father Varghese Kallappara, former Jacobite Church’s spokesperson.

It was in July 2018, the Malankara Orthodox Church approached the Supreme Court seeking implementation of the July 2017, apex court ruling which has given the Orthodox Church control over more than 1,100 parishes and their Churches.

On December 11th 2018, The State, in its submission made it clear that it has no vested interests in the matter of PIRAVOM CHURCH. The State will make every endeavour to implement the judgement of the Supreme Court. In its submission before the Kerala High Court on December 11th 2018, the State Government sought sufficient time and operational freedom to the police to implement the Supreme Court Judgement in the Piravom Church case without causing collateral damage or unwarranted loss of human life. The State filed the affidavit in response to a petition filed by Father Viju Elias, Vicar of St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Varikoli and others, seeking a directive from the State Police Chief to provide adequate police protection to the Church, its properties including Chapel, Cemetery, its Vicar, Priest and parishioners and the petitioners. The petition also sought the provision for smooth conduct of religious services as well as the administration of the Church.

On December 8th 2018, the Ernakulam District Collector convened a meeting of all stakeholders concerned to facilitate a peaceful handing over of the administration of the Church by the Jacobite faction to the Orthodox faction. However, the move fell flat. When the police tried to implement the judgement on the 10th December 2018, the Jacobite faction prevented it. Nearly 1000 members of the Jacobite faction, including women and children, have been camping in the Church since December 8th 2018, thwarting the police from implementing the judgement.

On the afternoon of December 10th, police deployment was enforced to take control over the situation. Since the funeral of a member of the Jacobite faction was scheduled at 11.30 AM, it was decided to wait for the same to be over. Later, the Church and its premises were cordoned off by the police. What followed was a defiance of the instructions of the police by the protesters. More than five members of the Jacobite faction climbed atop the Church terrace and tower, doused themselves with inflammable fluids and threatened to immolate themselves. The appeals by the Fire and Rescue Services team and the Police yielded no result. After hours of tense situation, the police tactically withdrew to avoid any collateral damage or unwarranted loss of human life. Two cases were registered by the Piravom Police against the members of the Jacobite faction. The State in its submission, made it clear that it has no vested interests in the matter. The State will make every endeavour to implement the Judgement of the Supreme Court.

THE EXPOSÉ, Ironically, when the Hindu devotees of Sabarimala temple have been running peaceful campaigns to maintain age-old traditions, NON HINDUS and NON-DEVOTEES have been hell-bent on mocking and destroying the same. Amidst the wrath faced by the Communist Government in Kerala, several opposition leaders’ over its decision to organise the “Vanitha Mathil” or the “Women’s Wall” on the New Year’s day. JACOBITE SYRIAN CHURCH, the earlier said, the prominent Christian Church was seen extending its support to the Kerala Government for the same. Women’s Wall was something which was planned by the CPM Government to protest against those opposing Women’s entry into the Sabarimala Temple.

The Jacobite Syrian Church’s decision came when literally all Hindu Organisations including Pulaya Mahasabha led by Sri. Neelakandan Master, NSS, Yogakshema Sabha have stood up against the “divisive wall” sponsored by the CPM Government against the Sabarimala temple traditions. Political parties like BJP, BDJS, who are leading the protests against anti-Hindu stance taken by the CPM Government and also against Kerala Police’s brutality on the Ayyappa devotees and other major non-Communist Parties, including Congress, have shown resentment against the divisive agenda of the CPM and its allies.

The predictions of many analysts over the row in Sabarimala calling it a clear agenda of Communal Polarisation, the plot devised over the years by several missionaries in Kerala to destroy Sabarimala traditions. Now, fall in place as the Jacobite Syrian Church, which is known for its conversion activities, has declared open support to women entering the Sabarimala temple. The Jacobite Church intends to gather 1 lakh women for the protest against Sabarimala which is nothing but an orchestrated act against Hindus.

According to Jacobite Church’s former Official Spokesperson, Father Varghese Kallappara, the Jacobite Church has asked its followers to take part in the Women’s Wall. He said “We hope nearly one lakh Jacobite women will take part in the wall. It is the policy of Jacobite Church to lend support to those who help us in crisis. That’s why we have taken a stance in favour of the LDF Government on the Women’s Wall Issue”. Reports suggest that Jacobite support for the Women’s Wall is not because it genuinely is in favour of gender equality but actually it is a quid pro quo to the Communist Government’s favourable intervention against the Malankara Orthodox Church over the Supreme Court’s status quo orders, in the Piravom Church issue and not its commitment to gender equality.

Various Missionaries in Kerala have targeted Sabarimala over the years, as it has always stood tall, in the way of these partisans, as a sentinel of Hindu Beliefs, over the last decades where Kerala has seen massive conversion activities. Continuous efforts have been made to destroy the temple and the traditions which are the biggest hurdle for Missionary Conversion in that area. This is clearly the reason why people who do not even believe in Hindu religion are making an attempt to enter Sabarimala. Ironically, the Hindus are fine with age-old traditions followed by the temple, but, it is only those people who all their life have maligned and mocked Hindu religion are the ones who now stand in support of the Supreme Court verdict.

Initially women like Rehana Fatima and Mary Sweety, who are known for being sponsored by some Missionaries, tried to enter the temple. Later 20 women led by Selvi Mano attempted to enter the temple. These 20 women were from an NGO, called Manithi which is in TamilNadu and works for Christian Missionary Organisations. There were other episodes of women trying to enter the temple, who were sent back too.  

The Communist government’s agenda to hurt Hindu traditions was further exposed when NON-HINDU activists, who were not devotees of Sabarimala temple, were escorted by the State Police to visit the temple. And now, with Jacobite Syrian Church which is an Oriental Orthodox Church based in Kerala, extending its support to the Kerala Government’s erratic decision, the unpleasant tactics these institutions are outlining against the Hindus lay in the open, exposing them.