Life is full of contradictions, paradoxes, none can beat the KALAIGNARS’ FAMILY, where the men folks keep projecting themselves to be atheists, total non-believers in GOD, which is one of their DMK party’s ideology. But the irony is that, Dayalu Amma, second wife of erstwhile supremo late Dr. K. Karunanidhi, also called Kalaignar, needless to say Mother in law of Durga Stalin, ever since so many years, was always seen on January 1stevery new year, early in the morning, to have the first special darshan, also to have tipped the archarkars or the priests, to the last money that she has, in a Venkateswara Koil, in T. Nagar, Chennai. This has been told by many who do have seen her at the temple precincts.

Following her footsteps, is her obedient daughter-in-law, Durga Stalin, who can be seen at many temples in the city as a matter of routine, in the guise of a Bhakta, at its ultimate. I am sure that is for to pray for her family including husband, children for their well-being and nothing else. She is always seen sporting a big bindi, very homely, absolutely no air of being a wife of a seasoned politician, belonging to a very influential political family.

In the year 2018, she made trips to temples which was reported to have been on the increase. On the eve of thai poosam day she is supposed to have visited the Murugan koil at pazhani. She had come to attend the family function of DMK MLA, Velachery, Vaagai Chandrasekar’s family function at Pazhani. She travelled by the rope car to see the hill deity, who was seen in Raja alankaram or decoration that day, got the prasadam given on behalf of the temple, taken selfies with people who also had come there for darshan.

This is not all, later went to Bogar, kailasanathar sannithis to worship them too. Some DMK prominent who is who figures were also seen accompanying her that day. It is notable to say that this was not her first visit either, as she had also gone to pazhani temple earlier, few years back to participate in celebrations of Bogar Jayanthi, where she also had witnessed the special Pooja done there for MARAGATHA LINGAM there.

She seemed to have reiterated that, though she comes from a rational family, no one stops her from worshiping God from and within the family and her ishta deivam or favourite goddess is Maariamman. She also had seen the 124th GARUDA SEVAI, held at Thirunaangoor, in seerkaazhi, in Nagapattinam District, where it homes 108 Divya Desams there.

From the household of the veteran leader Karunanidhis’, it is seen, felt, commented, that no one visits temples from that family, contrary to that fact it is proven that Durga Stalin has been making umpteen number of visits to temples. The opposition made teasing remarks, that it is being done for Stalin’s stakes should be elevated from being a General Secretary or party president to THE CHIEF MINISTER.

In the month of December 2018, Durga Stalin seemed to have visited our Prime Minister Modi ji’s constituency VARANASI/KASI. How much ever the top leaders including Stalin have been following the DMK IDEOLOGIES, never have they stopped their party, family members from visiting temples it is said. So it is always seen that Durga Stalin is either in a temple, yagna, Pooja rituals with the impending elections. It is also believed that the DMK alliance with congress since has won in North, which has made both the party leaders happy, the same can be achieved in South too.

With this upswing of mood, Durga Stalin along with her siblings had gone to Kasi to visit Vishwanatha Temple there. Accompanied her were her elder sister Parvathi, her husband Shanmugasundaram, younger sister Jayanthi, brother Dr. Rajamoorthy. When the matter of this sudden visit was probed it was found that, Durga Stalin had a long time wish to visit this temple, apart from an astrologer also suggesting that they need to visit Modi Jis constituency. This was accomplished only for this reason it was reported.

Stalin for his part, we cannot brush aside his brusque gesture at Sri Rangam Temple, in June 2018, when he was given the respect of greeting a VIP by a Poorna Kumbham, followed by him wiping the tilak on his forehead, created a furore and media had highlighted and reported this. Very many Hindu outfits had also condemned his actions.

It is very important to note, that when a yagna was conducted for him to appease SUKRAN, where a white vastram was given to the lord, 25 people were given bounties. These type of rituals are always done for prosperity, power, position to be achieved. It is also believed that at times of propaganda that Stalin has never visited Sri Rangam Temple, but when this yagna was done he had to mark his presence there. Though Durga Stalin has visited the temple many times, he just came till the temple tower doors that day.

The double standard nature prevalent in this politically affluent family, that is preach one thing and practice something else, can never be seen anywhere else. If Stalin didn’t have any faith, belief in God, well and good. But having come till the entrance, his behaviour of disrespecting the head and other priests is strongly condemnable. Why did he have to allow the yagna first of all to be performed, when he is a staunch atheist.

God is not someone who can be remembered only when one wants something and clean forgotten rest of the times. Sorry Mr. Stalin, God is not a convenience, if you are really not a believer, so be it. Please don’t indulge in such gimmicks where you are hurting the sentiments of Hindus being a HINDU yourself. If you do good to the people, people will realise your goodness, worth, make you their leader, otherwise, it is a long journey Mr. K. STALIN.