Mahatma Gandhi Said, “YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE THE WORLD”. How true the words ring still in our ears, especially for those of whom, who strive, work hard, selfless in their actions, more thoughtful on the societal well-being, trying to reach the most untouched section of the society, ensuring that some relief is given for their existence and sustenance. This may be financial assistance, bettering their living conditions by providing basic amenities, improve their standard and quality of living, of the most deprived, unreached section of people, living in our society.

“In a most recent happening, the Collector of Thiruvannamalai, Sri. K.S. KANDASWAMY, yesterday visited a village called ARIYAAKUNJUR, near sengathai, in Thiruvannamalai, where the IRULA sect people are living, in absolute darkness owing to no electricity position, as the electricity connection has been absolutely disconnected. Once the Collector came to know about it, he immediately acted on this issue, he immediately went to the village yesterday and inspected the village. Later he summoned the concerned officers and authorities to rectify the repair existing in the electrical connection, which was done immediately. The irula community people were very happy, hopeful to see, brighter days to come. This incident goes to show that collectors like him are different, unique, able to relate themselves to the peoples’ problems and woes, gets hands on to solve the problems, give them immediate solutions to their problems, or giving directions to that effect on war footing”. He is really one person, from what I have observed is a real change maker, who wishes to see the world change for better. He banished the darkness (IRUL) for the IRULA people.

Who we are now is not who we were last year, last week, yesterday or even a minute ago. Life never stands still, no matter what we do. Change is the very nature of existence--our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, even our relationships are as changeable as rain and sunshine, or night and day. But, as much as change is inevitable, it is not always welcome or easy to deal with. It can upset our world and generate many conflicting feelings. However, it is in those very moments when everything looks hopeless that we have a real chance to grow into something better: what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call a butterfly!


The journey to such transformation is smoother when we can step back from anger, fear or grief and take a breath, before emotion takes over. Then we can enable the issue to pass, for not even those feelings that seem so enormous, important or overwhelming stay the same. Given time, what is vital to us now will soon lose its relevance.


Knowing this means that we can be more at ease with change. As thoughts come and go, as we watch emotions rise and fall like waves, as physical, emotional or mental pain is felt and then gone, we see how this coming and going applies to everything, even our breath. This sense of rhythm informs us that, if we wait long enough, even the darkest of times will also pass.


Mahatma Gandhi famously said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world."  In other words, although life changes are inevitable, we can also initiate personal change so we can rise to the challenge and become a bigger and better person as a result. How do we do this? We believe the best ways are to recognize that change is inevitable, that there is always the potential for positive change in every moment and to stay grounded and in touch with our peace.




Everything that is happening now will change into something else; every thought and feeling, no matter how intense or dramatic, will one day be immaterial. Without change in ourselves we become stifled and stagnant. As nothing lasts forever, we can appreciate every moment, fully and completely, knowing it will never happen again. Coming to a still place, gently breathe in and out, silently repeatingAnd this too shall pass.




We always have the opportunity to transform fear into courage, selfishness into kindness and loss into fresh beginnings, just as palm trees transform muddy rainwater into sweet coconut milk. Spring is here, with new life bursting forth, and in the same way we too are capable of creating a new life for ourselves in each and every moment. For surely, life is about not having answers and taking chances, all without knowing what is going to happen next. Sitting quietly, breathing deeply and joyfully, silently repeatI open my mind and heart to new possibilities.




The clue to transformation is being able move with the waves, to paddle in the dip so we are ready to ride the next crest. Meditation creates a space where times of pain, sadness, anger, fear, hurt, confusion, doubt and all our other conflicting emotions can come and be known and gently released. It enables us to be present with whatever is and to accept, honour and move with change. All kinds of thoughts may arise, or feelings, sensations and images. We watch, without denying, pushing away or holding on. We can comfortably rest in stillness, without any judgment or discrimination.

Just as the breath comes in and out, so it is like the coming and going of all change. Breathe in and out gently, and watch the natural rhythm of your breath. Silently repeat, May I be easeful, may I be peaceful, may I flow with the changes. And enjoy each moment, as it is a precious gift!

-- Maria Robinson