When all the media people went ooh ooh, gaga over the money spent on the two business conglomeration, the AMBANI-PIRAMAL wedding which cost 700 crores. Though many kept their opinions to themselves about the lavish bash of this wedding, Jammu and Kashmir Governor, Sri. Satya Pal Malik, likened a section of the country’s wealthy to “ROTTEN POTATOES”, in furtherance he said that they don’t have any sensitivity towards society and do no charity. This statement was made when addressing a function of the State’s Sainik welfare Society, Kashmir, his jabs and frequent quips are no more strangers to the people in Jammu and Kashmir, as very often he has spoken out against wealthy politicians and bureaucrats in Kashmir.

He further added, “the big segment of society in this country, those who are wealthy in Kashmir, politicians and bureaucrats are all wealthy, do not have any sensitivity towards society. They do not do charity of even a single rupee. But there are few like this in the upper classes”. Requesting the audience not to take it badly he thought, considered, them “ROTTEN POTATOES”, not human beings. He also made his remarks in Hindi using the term “sade se aalu” to describe the rich who don’t do charitable work.

He further quoted, “when the country’s richest man was posed a question by a journalist, who spent Rs.700 crores on the marriage of his daughter, whether he undertook any charity, the richest man just simply replied, that he does not do any charity but adds to the wealth of the country. He went on to say, that in Europe and other countries how they do charities. The Microsoft Owner does charity of his 99% wealth. But here, the richest man says, he does not do any charity, but adds to the wealth of the country. Did he increase the wealth of the country by spending Rs.700 crores on the marriage of his daughter”? He questioned the audience.

 “With Rs.700 crores, Mr. Malik elaborated, 700 big schools could have been built in the state and 7000 widows of slain soldiers could have brought up their children. But the rich class will not do charity. The sensitivity that should be in this (upper class) section of the society is not there”, he rued.

“Society is not formed due to the upper classes, but from farmers, employees, people working in industries and men in the armed forces.  Let us boost the morale of our armed forces, to help and remember them” he said.

It’s become a fad and order of the day, for all the celebrities, rich men, to have their family weddings, as destination weddings within India, the lake Como weddings, the French Chateau weddings, the castle weddings, it results in endless competition between the richer, richest to boast, flaunt, who spent how much, as a mark of their status, as just a reason to blow up money in the garb of weddings.

The real happiness lies in, not how much one spends for the weddings, but how much the couples have understood each other, how compatible they are, plans for their future, be it family business or their profession, the plans for future progeny’s, to lead a happy, contented life is what, that counts ultimately, no matter how much money one makes.  Though Sri. Malik’s words were frank, outspoken, blunt, BUT THE TRUTH CANNOT BE UNSAID ISIN’T IT ??