“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man” a notable quote by Swami Vivekananda, on education. Education eradicates the darkness of ignorance by light of knowledge. Education is sought, for betterment of one’s life, it’s a skill set which takes students’ to phenomenal, great heights one can never think of.

 Perambalur a district is bounded by Cuddalore district in the north, Tiruchirappalli district in the south, Ariyalur in the east and Namakkal and Tiruchirappalli districts in the west.

 In kunnam near Perambalur, there is a village called koththavasal which comes under the periya venmani village panchayat board. In koththavasal there is a Government Middle school imparting education to students in and around that village. When an English Teacher Sri. Ilavazhagan joined that school, first thing that he did was to collect data as to, how many students both boys and girls were there in that village. The next initiative that he took, he arrived at a consensus regarding, from the total students, how many of them studied in private and Government Schools. After the confirmed data on hand, he started reaching out to parents of those children who studied in private schools. Out of 152 students parents he spoke, he was able to convince parents of 140 students and bring them back to the Government School fold. It didn’t stop with this effort, from his own savings he spent Rs.2 lakhs, bought computers, installed the smart class at par with the private schools, started to take these classes too. Students should be made aware of farming, at least in a small way, he thought and towards this goal, with the students’ cooperation started cultivating vegetables in organic way for their own mid-day meal consumption.

Despite all these efforts, not adequate facilities were there in the school. Sri. Ilavazhagan approached the local MLA Sri. Ravichandran to seek his help in this regard. Immediate actions were taken by Sri Ravichandran who sanctioned 2.5 lakhs from the allocated constituency funds and public came forward to contribute their might in this matter which was 1.5 lakhs. Out of the total 4 lakhs funds the most basic essentials like tables, computer tables, almarahs, library racks, water storage containers, metal pots were bought. Once all these things were purchased and set, MLA, parents, public took part in this procession rally of carrying them to the school with festivity, music, dance as would happen in a marriage.  The efforts of the MLA, Sri Ilavazhagan and other teachers, public were much appreciated at a school function which followed the rally.

Similarly, Aaviyur, a village municipality, near Arrupukottai in virudhunagar, Madurai district, there is a Government elementary school which has first to fifth standard and schools more than 200 students. Here too the public pitched in funds and contributed the most essentials like almarahs, tables, chairs, water storage containers, metal pots to the school in a procession rally and gifted them to the school. The efforts and contribution were much appreciated and both these incidents were publicised.

The efforts of the teachers and head masters of the school are worthy of recognition and rewarding them for their efforts will be very motivating and encouraging. It’s commendable that the importance and need for education is felt even in those small villages and it’s really appreciable that parents are doing their best to get their children educated, uninterrupted, despite the state aid for these schools being granted every year.

-Vijayashree Ramesh

The writer is an advocate based at Chennai.