For those of you, have a minute to spare, just park your vehicle on the road close to the parapet wall enclosing the bridge, just take a minute to watch the scene below you from the top especially if it is a bridge like the GEMINI BRIDGE, on Anna Salai, at peak traffic time, much to the chagrin of the police standing out there!! You will find that traffic is everywhere, with long line of cars, horns honking intermittently, waiting endlessly for the signals to change. This is the sight there always, but at night it is brighter with the long queue of headlights and the noisy honking horns.  What a sight !! just take a minute to watch this spectacular sight. BREATHE IN, OUT, TAKE A MINUTE….

Wait, where are we headed to? What is the purpose? What and who matters in all this? That is the real question here.

Life is not about complications, but to enjoy small, small things that gives us the pleasure. People and relationships are little or more“FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE” mode. But when the issues are handled with sensitivity and understanding, there is no situation that cannot be handled with ease, in a smooth way. Yes, when someone has erred, own up the mistake and have the guts to apologize. If the relationship matters, more than one’s EGO, one would definitely make amends. But despite all attempts when one is stuck to their ego, hurt feelings, no one can make amends, till it dawns on the person to let go, rectify the strained situation. It all depends on the individuals, situations they are in, mental state of mind with ego or without. BREATHE IN, OUT, TAKE A MINUTE….

When this situation is applied in a team, where an organizational decisions have to be taken up and many heads are at it. The team head always has to consider the ideas of all the team members and without hurting the feelings or decisions suggested, has to make a decision which is THE BEST for the Organization. Here the decision accepted and implemented may be of one person’s, but others should not be made to feel, that their ideas haven’t been accepted or considered, provided a GOOD TEAM LEADER, justifies his decision making factor to the other team members, just BREATHE IN, OUT, TAKE A MINUTE….

Tough decisions to be taken at tough situations, warrants good understanding of the problem on hand. Solutions should be thought of from various angles, if one fails the other would pitch in. Disastrous situations demand instant solutions thought and implemented on foot, with no time to think, very many solution ideas have to be thought of, failing of one the other can be substituted. Just BREATHE IN, OUT, TAKE A MINUTE….

Never make a hasty decision when the mind is confused, on any major issues concerned where, the problems are being not understood with clarity with which it ought to have been, because any rushed decision would only result in repenting for it later. It is even suggested when you view problems, situations like a third party rather than get emotionally involved in the problem, which will not make one see the problem vividly, which would impair the understanding of it too. DECISIONS WHEN MADE IN HURRY AND HASTE WOULD MAKE ONE REPENT IN LEISURE. When such situations arise, just BREATHE IN, OUT, TAKE A MINUTE.

What happens when the problems are not solved? There is nothing wrong, as in some extreme situations, TIME is the healer. There are people who even think if attempts have not worked out well, then it heals with time. Because when the people concerned in the problem are approached when the situation is still steamy and hot, that would result in angry, unwarranted words uttered and which would damage the relationship, once for all. It is also true when words are uttered in emotions, they can never be taken back. WHAT IS SAID IS SAID AND DONE. BREATHE IN, OUT, TAKE A MINUTE….

What one needs is a good guide, mentor to make one see the reality, as is where is. When there is a person to guide you, it will enhance your understanding and solution finding process, better than oneself as they speak with experience in life. Even then, analyse the guide’s rationality with your own mind and thinking, then come to a decision. Once the decision is made, the responsibility should be owned up for the decision made, by the person himself/herself and not the guide, who would be held liable. BREATHE IN, OUT, TAKE A MINUTE….

Wait till you are given a chance to talk, to be heard, when the situation needs one’s valuable inputs. Don’t jump the gun. You will be thought of to be a hurried person. As others are given a chance you will also be given, wait till that time, if your opinion matters. Otherwise it is better to stay put without you, voicing your ideas. Such situations test one’s patience, BREATHE IN, OUT, TAKE A MINUTE….

Life is full of small things which are to be enjoyed, rejoiced for an opportunity given, with gratitude, smile, ever green indelible memories from the past, present that makes all our lives very interesting. Each one of us have a story that we carry, made right and wrong decisions in life, full of incidents, events, which make it lasting. Always good and bad comes alternatively or together. How we face these situations is, life all about. Nothing can be taken for granted in this world as we see. Take each day, moment of life as it comes, enjoy it too.


Life is too short to carry grudges, enmity, past is past, bygones are bygones, it is the future all of us look forward to. In this maddening, chaotic, fast life,


All that one needs to do is,