Looks like this election campaign has kick started with live comedy shows….

The ripples of laughter haven’t subsided ever since, the duo, one speaker and the other the LITERAL TRANSLATOR, have definitely set the platform for MEME makers, social media hoggers’ to have the riotous laughter of their life time. This is in aftermath of the election season in the country and Congress President Rahul Gandhi was in Tamil Nadu to kick-start campaigning in the State.  While all was well with his interactions with students and the press in Chennai, it was at the leader’s Nagercoil Public rally that things really took a turn for the …...hilarity.

While Rahul Gandhi opted to speak in English, veteran Congressman and former MP K V Thangabalu provided his translation services, albeit with a generous dose of modifications, alterations and exaggerations. While both Prime Minster Narendra Modi ji and Congress President Rahul Gandhi are all set to face off in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, perhaps the one thing that unites the arch rivals is their knack for picking side-splitting speech translators when in Tamil Nadu.

Thangabalu closely watched Rahul Gandhi as he spoke, perhaps in an attempt to deeply imbibe what his leader was saying, but the translations that came out when he turned to face his own mic evoked memories of BJP’s H Raja ji. The BJP leader, who translated the Prime Minister’s speech when the latter was in Tamil Nadu, also provided for rib-tickling content for meme-makers and comics.

While the Congress Chief was attempting to extol the legacy of the late DMK Chief by saying he represented the language and history of the Tamil people, Thangabalu went bombastic, declaring, “Kalaignar began the development of Tamil Language and the life of the Tamil people. He is inextricably mixed with the growth of Tamil, Tamil Nadu and the feeling of Tamil Love”. In an embarrassing faux pas, the ex-MP declared that the meeting was convened under the leadership of alliance partner DMK while it was in fact a public rally of the national party.


Perhaps the best of Thangabalu’s translations came when he made completely unrelated remarks for Rahul Gandhi’s comments:


Rahul Gandhi: That is precisely why we love the people of Tamil Nadu.

Thangabalu: That’s why we are fighting. We will show our strength at the opportune moment.


Rahul Gandhi: And that is why we respect the people of Tamil Nadu.

Thangabalu: Narendra Modi is the enemy of the Tamil People.


Rahul Gandhi: I had the honour of meeting Kalaignar ji, on a few occasions.

Thangabalu: I am a man who has received the opportunity to meet Kalaignar several times and I am happy for that.


While this has definitely set the election campaigning on a hilarious note, it is worth mentioning another character who shall gel very will the Congress President Rahul Gandhi, is none other than, Navjot Singh sidhu aka Sidhu Paaji. When he participated in Big Boss as a BJP representative, who had to leave the show midway because of his presence much wanted in 2014, for the election campaign. The call came and he did a tremendous campaigning for BJP in Punjab.  Then too he was the main attraction at the KAPIL SHARMA’S COMEDY SHOW. His comical, hilarious quips as he quotes his father’s and from his own experiences are still remembered by the fans.

Now with his joining the Congress, his visit to Pakistan on Imran Khan’s swearing in ceremony, his remarks in aftermath of the PULWAMA attacks haven’t gone too well with the public. His popularity as a comedian has lost its lustre, that in the recent past his participation from the KAPIL SHARMA’S show has also been ousted. A veteran cricketer, famous for his comical quotes-  called as “SIDHUISMS” have all been done and dusted.

Now If Rahul Gandhi needs a good interpreter, translator, why shouldn’t he think of Navjot Singh Sidhu, the two would really create a laughter riot. The plus point is Paaji is very fluent in Hindi and English. Imagine if they were to campaign together, they themselves would pave a good way for the NDA, to gain more popularity amongst people, to decide who the winner is going to be in the 2019 elections. Rahul being the proverbial joker can join along with sidhu paaji and ensure that this election is a stage for A LIVE COMEDY SHOW. This is what is called in Hindi, “APNE PAAIR PE GULATI MAARNA”, that is hitting on ones’ own legs, as they would not need anyone else to defeat their cause, they themselves are enough.