There is no other so called human being’s writings, could have had such high order of perversity, repulsive, condemnable written material than of EVR’s. This came about as a real manifestation of revolution by him in the year 1934, in his own article titled, “SIDHDHARKAADU MAARIYAATHALUKKU UDHAI”, the same came to lime light in the year 2016, courtesy through their own DK octogenarian K. Veeramani. This gives us an insight in to the perverse nature of EVRA, as written by him.

DMK’s printing press unit “VIDUTHALAI”, as usual came out with this article titled, “SIDHDHARKAADU MAARIYAATHALUKKU UDHAI”, from the heading itself the readers can know the abnormal thinking attitude, laced with perverse thoughts, illogical thinking pattern, the usage of repulsive words, in totality can be seen even then. When this article was written by EVRA in the year 1934, it was not known who all read this article, because if many had read then they would have come to know about his so called glorified capability even then. Then, was that period of time, that people indulged in freedom struggle, bhakti movement, patriotic songs were sung, dances were performed, there used to be the usual street staged dramas, acts, that probably people would never have noticed such writings and would have gotten skipped to register in their minds.

It is also presumed that such derogatory writing would have been read by his close-knit followers about 50-100, whoeven after having read it, knowing his capability, would have just kept quiet. But it was K. Veeramani in the year 2016, got it printed by the Viduthalai printing press and let know people about his calibre of writing by this deed of his.

The whole narrative is, “This incident goes back to the period of 1934, at sidhdharkaadu, which is a part of the Mayavaram Municipality, where small pox outbreak had happened, as faith and beliefs steps into the lives of the people, they prayed that they will make the porridge, offer it to maariamman, she being a very famous deity in that village The other thing they prayed was to do karagaattam, the traditional folk dance.

The peoples’ faith and belief, converted the dilapidated state of the temple into a well-constructed and maintained temple. Despite of Maariamman being in the village, it got plagued by small pox, resultedin deaths and few expected to die any moment. It was not a surprising fact that people got panicked over this fear ridden trend.

Sometimes it is even thought of not to suffer wrath of god and their powers. That made the people to come to a conclusion to overcome this outbreak, they have to do some coolant things to pacify Maariamman, so that they can ward off the outbreak. So they chose 1.4.1934, Sunday, in the day time they would make the porridge for Maariamman and perform karagaattam at night.

At night when the head priest carried the karagam (head gear) and came on to the streets for the usual trip for people to see and surrounded them, as they had approached the next street to workshop ofAasari Arogiyasamy’s, a famous landmark, a young girl was found carrying the plate of offerings to the priest along with, to be lit camphor deepam for the priest. Then when approached by the karagam and the assistant priest she gave the offering plate to the assistant priest and was waiting for the prasadam. Suddenly the head priest caught hold of the hands, applied pressure and supposed to have said the following for ¾ of an hour,

“You don’t have to get scared for anything, you don’t have to be bothered about anyone, as long as I am there, you don’t have to get scared. I will ensure your safe living. Your wish for anything will be granted and given by me. Will you listen to me?”

The head priest who carried the karagam was a young man, as much as the girl who carried the offering to the karagam, but the surrounding followers thought that the conversation was about the Maariamman. This is the usual practice which happens in most of the places where offerings are given to the deity or the priest when they come out of the temple precincts, hence it was no surprise. After this incident the karagam reached the temple and the formalities which are done for the karagam to be taken off, from the priest’s head was followed.

Next came the procedure of “KAALAANJI”, where the head priest who carried the karagam, holds a plate in his hand with coconut, banana, betel leaves and nuts, flowers, vibhoothi prasadam, came and stood in front of all the followers in the nearby big mantap.

What happened next was, he placed the plate in front of the who is who, important people from that village, people accepted the plate and with due respects to the head priest offered money Rupee 1.7.0. Immediately It was felt that the amount is against the normal practice and very less. Suddenly it was also felt and said, that when the Head Priest was making the street visit with the karagam on his head, has had lots of legiyam balls (thought of to be laced, with drugs) that when on the streets and at the temple, under the drugged influence had started behaving badly. Then he threw the money 1.7.0 offered by the followers. Furthermore, under the influence of the legiyam balls, he started abusing the followers and started looking at the Maariamman with sudden ill-intent.

Then he started, “all these days and years I have been serving you, you haven’t done anything for me, it does not matter whether you are here or you get lost”, hurling further abuses he started looking and kicking the deity 5-6 times. Next the floral arrangement done on the deity was snatched, pulled and thrown in all directions. Not able to say anything to the priest the people returned to their respective homes on his unpardonable misbehaviour”. Next morning, they had a public meeting, the unruly behaviour of the priest, was strongly condemned, for having touched a young girl’s hands while coming on the streets, for kicking the deity and disrespecting all the followers who had come to the temple, he was fined to a tune of 25 rupees, it was collected too”.

In 1934, no young girl would have come on to the street unchaperoned, all alone, which is unbelievable and false. This was written with the only purpose of giving a vent to EVRA’s personal perverse thoughts, feelings which has taken in this written form. This goes to show what that man was made of. This shows this incident supposed to have happened, was his fig of imagination and also shows how he sees the women, Gods, temples, rituals, as though money was more important than the personal character and can come out with his own derogatory story about the society even in 1934. This story pulled up for re-printing is to be strongly condemned done out of spite to demean HINDUS. It is time for the AWAKENING. Insulting gods has always been their agenda, be it kicking the said above deity, hurling chappals at Lord Rama.

For people like EVRA, one birth is not enough to get rid of all their karmas, they need any number of births for the soul to get emancipated and reach salvation to realise the presence of THE VERY OMNIPOTENT GOD, within inside and outside.

People who emerged from these school of thoughts would only,