In a most recent heart touching real life incident, policemen have time and again proved, that they are good Samaritans, humanitarians too. A 66-year-old woman was waiting outside the Pazhavanthangal also called Nanganallur area police station one morning exactly eight months back, distraught, helpless and all alone.  When the duty policemen asked her to come in and give complaint, thinking she had come to make a complaint, all that she told was, she would wait and see the Inspector of the Police Station.

When the Inspector G. Venkatesan, came he asked her for her name and other details and who she has come to make a written complaint about?  She started to weep inconsolably, the Inspector gave her time to collect and calm down and asked for her personal details.  It was then she opened up and told the Inspector that her name was Anushya, her husband had passed away few years back. She was living with her son, who is an alcoholic and drug addict too, beat her up, not able to put up with that anymore she had come to the Police Station. The Inspector asked her whether she wanted to write a complaint about her son to the police so that they can take an action against him and make her go back to her son after advising him. But she was against it.

It was then Inspector G. Venkatesan thought of helping Anushya, who didn’t have anyone to go back to or to help her and her son  could not offer her any financial assistance. He and his team decided to employ her as a help in the Police station itself. They decided to provide her with breakfast, lunch and dinner. She agreed to work at the Station. Her duty entailed, she would come around seven AM every morning clean up the police station, front porch and do the rangoli, water the plants in front of the Station, fill up water bottles and keep them on the respective desks. Then police men order breakfast and coffee in the morning for her, then she leaves the station. She again comes back in the afternoon to do errands her lunch is bought and when she comes in the evening her dinner is bought by the staff.

On November 27th, Anushya when she came into Police Station in the morning, Inspector G, Venkatesan, had already asked one of the staff to buy a birthday cake for Anushya, without her knowledge and gave her a biggest surprise of her life. They cut the cake, Anushya was very emotional and happy that everyone thought of buying a cake and celebrating her birthday. She had never celebrated her birthday all her life till that day, had bought a small packet of chocolates to distribute among the staff of Police station as she turned 67 years.  But a bigger surprise was waiting for her. It is to be really appreciated that she wanted to work at that age, earn and not depend on free food.

 With the Inspector, G. Venkatesan on a telephonic interview last night, when I asked him about her place of stay and how she is being supported financially, this is what he had to say, “she stays at her brother’s house nearby in pazhavanthangal and whenever she needs money she asks them and accordingly they support her. They don’t give her any lump sum in the fear that her son might take it away from her”.

A person like G. Venkatesan and his ilk, repose confidence and faith in Police force and they reinstate the fact that Police is our friend, who are doing good to the society, giving us the security at the time of need and maintain Law and Order too. HATS OFF AND KUDOS TO POLICEMEN….

-Vijayashree Ramesh

The writer is an advocate based at Chennai.