I still remember in the year 1981, the second batch of +2 those days, after medical seat interviewswere conducted,the candidates chosen were the ones who could match-win the bidding. The cost of a medical seat was a whopping Rs. 1 lakh then, were, even a cash amount of Rs.5000 was thought of to be, of one lakh value. The money circulation was very low as the salaries were. But the cost of living was in tandem with the salary earned.

Now with the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Examination (NEET), the most advantageous thing being the eradication of the money spinning medical seat business. This by itself has earned the wrath of many politicians, private medical college management/owners, as it is based on the neat marks that they score. Where the mark cut-offs are given based on the community basis,year after year owing to more competition the cut off marks are being increased. 


Applicants are advised to make sure that they follow the complete dress code before appearing for the examination.

·        Candidates are advised to reach the exam centre at least half an hour before the commencement of exam. 

·        Candidates have to wear light colour half sleeves clothes not having big buttons, brooch/badge, flower etc. with Salwar/Trouser.

·        Candidates have to wear slippers, sandals with low heels and not shoes. 

·        Kurta Pyjama is not allowed, wear only sleepers or sandals, shoes are also not allowed.

·        Ornaments like rings, earrings, nose pin, chain, necklace, pendants, etc. will also have to be removed before entering the examination hall. 

Students must follow these instructions. Otherwise, they might not be allowed to sit in the examination.

Candidate should wear light clothes so that nobody can hide any cheating material.

Candidates are advised to wear half sleeves shirt or t-shirt, but not having a big button or any badge which could be used to hide any devices.

Candidates should wear the Slipper or Sandals, Not the Shoes Which Are Not Allowed in the Examination Centres.

Candidates are advised not to bring the items which are not allowed the Examination Hall as no Safe Keeping Place.

The Candidates for Women Candidates Are Advised to Not Wear Watch, Jewellery, Ring, Nose Pin, Chain, Necklace, Pendants, Badges etc. Because all Should be Check Out at the Examination Centres.

Candidates are not allowed to bring the following list of items while coming to their allotted 

Any stationary item such as bits of papers, textual material (written or printed), Pencil box/ Geometry, Plastic Pouch, Pen, Calculator, Scale, Pen Drive, Writing Pad, Eraser, Log Table, Calculator, Scanner/ Electronic Pen etc.

Any communication devices, for example, Bluetooth, Mobile Phone, Earphones, Pager, Microphone, Health Band etc.

Any Watch/Wrist Watch, Camera, Bracelet, etc.

Items such as Goggles, Wallet, Handbags, Cap, Belt etc.

Any ornaments such as Earrings, Ring, Nose-pin, Pendants, Chain/Necklace, Badge, Brooch etc.

Any food either opened or closed.

Any metallic item.

Any other items that can be used for hiding Bluetooth device, camera etc.

In case any candidate is found in possession of any of the barred items inside the centre, it will be considered as use of unfair means and action will be taken against the candidate by the relevant provisions.

Now the irony is that, despite having so many restrictions how did impersonation in NEET happen ?? How did the candidate who appeared for the exams and counselling can be different from the person who joined the college at Government Theni Medical College? He joined the first year without writing entrance exam. All this came to limelight when it was found that the person who wrote and sat for counselling was different from the person who joined the college. K.V. Udit Surya, presumably caught who is on the run now, when the photos mismatched this matter came to the lime light.

All this action was taken based on a complaint received over e-mail and the allegation being difference in photo between NEET application and the person who is now studying. An in-house committee secretly dealt the matter and found that there is ground for suspicion. On further investigation it was proven beyond doubt following the probe, that the person who wrote the exam is not the person who got admitted, definitely he will be debarred.

It is very clear that a lapse has happened in the intervening time after counselling and joining of college. How did the records didn’t authenticate when it is the same person who wrote the exams, sat for counselling, must have joined college too. How did Udit Surya join college without writing exams and not attending counselling. Why weren’t the same records be there. How did Udit Surya manage to get into the college when all his previous records show the photo of totally someone else’s?

All the detailing about dress code is given in this write up just to show that how much caution has been taken towards dress detailing, wish that the examination, counselling and joining of college, records be maintained in the same careful way so that such incidents don’t occur. This is also a clear indication that there are loop holes in the system that needs to be corrected, rectified, made more stringent so that it shall not give a leeway for students to misuse and jeopardise their future prospects. More skeletons are sure to come out of the closets.

The irony is that when the entrance, counselling are being followed to the word T, this episode has clearly indicated that there is 0.001% chance for such impersonation, false representation to happen too, but who will take the blame for this is the question here. This is a clear indication that the system needs to be corrected for the error that has happened from the overall perspective, without passing the buck.

The latest update being Udit Surya has been booked on charges of impersonation, forging documents and conspiracy. His father Dr. V.K. Venkatesh stated that his son wrote the NEET exam in Mumbai and that someone has changed the photographs on his score cards and could not be reached for further updates. Now the Director of Medical Education Sri. Selvarajan (in-charge) and other higher officials have asked deans of 23 Government colleges in TN state to verify documents of all students. Even when the inquiry was on about the mis-match issue, it is being told that Udit Surya had submitted a letter stating he wanted to discontinue the course, which in turn raised suspicion that many other students could have done this.

The selection Committee would also urge self-financing colleges also to verify documents of students admitted this year. It is also being told, “this year we opted to hold counselling off-line only because we did not want any such complication. We believe the candidate who came for counselling is the same as the one whose photo is on the admit card and impersonation would have happened while attending classes”.