During 2004-2014, when a common citizen of India was living worse quality of life than Philippines and Jamaicans, government at Center led by so called Mr. honest MMS, was blatantly committing corruptions. In another words, former prime minister Manmohan Singh allowed all scams like coal scam, 2G spectrum scam to be committed. To rub salt into wounds of common citizens, there were series of terror blasts striking and shaking India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
When a footbridge near the main Commonwealth Games stadium collapsed two weeks before the Commonwealth Games was supposed to begin in 2010, it told the story of frail government deeply rooted in corruption with no sense of self respect. Commonwealth Games was a global platform where India was supposed to showcase their mettle. How can the footbridge collapse two weeks before Commonwealth games? Even Robert Vadra had amassed incalculable properties just because he married Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi.

In 2014 General Lok Sabha Election, suffering people of India revolted against Congress’ Nehruvian Socialism and voted for Narendra Damodardas Modi, three times chief ministers of Gujrat. It was Gujrat Modal Of development that convinced middle class Indians to vote for Modi, as it was ‘lost decade for India from 2004 to 2014.’

After May 2014, India came out of policy paralysis to become a force to reckon with on world stage, unlike the previous UPA government with a shadow prime minister Manmohan Singh. He has initiated many policies and programmes for poor and underprivileged section of population from bank accounts to education schemes.

Under “Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana” till now 3.5 crores gas connections have been distributed by Indian government. The purpose of PMUY is to free underprivileged women from health hazards and empower these women who never existed for previous government.

Till 2014, since Independence, Optical Fibre Net had reached only 59 Panchayats. But by 2017 mid Optical Fibre Net had reached 90996 panchayats.

Improvement in infrastructure—such as national highway was built 3620 Km during 2013-14, but during 2016-17 NH was built 15948 Km—catapulted Indian economy to be sixth largest economy at present from being 11th largest economy before 2014.

From despair India emerged to hope after 2014. A common citizen can connect to Rail Minister via a tweet, can complain against power failure via a tweet to electricity department. A law abiding citizen can ask its representative about his or her accountability. Indeed, after 2014 democracy became more robust as people came closer to their elected representatives. This is emerging India under Modi era.