“It’s an analogy, for two people working together, for an example it takes two to make a friendship work, or a marriage. One cannot do it alone, just like one hand cannot clap”.

Its universal Mother’s pearls, which are told to every child in their growing up years. This is told by every mother, when their child/children come up to them to share or vent their frustrations, about difficult people, while in school, college, playmates, in the process of growing up in life. Every one of us would have seen and experienced this phase of life, trying to figure out the most difficult people, to understand them to handle them better. The pacifying answer to this would be, “There is sound when two hands clap, what is the sound of one hand”. In its original context, it provokes thought about the abstract concept of duality versus non-duality. Though this wouldn’t have been understood by many then, but today the relevance is more, be it at home, office, in public life, or with friends or with any human interaction.

It’s true, “one angry person alone, does not make an argument-for it takes both or two people to create a fight”. It tells us that, no matter how difficult it might be, it is smart to choose your battles wisely rather than indiscriminately confront all problematic situations or people. There are some occasions in which, it is simply not worth our time or efforts to engage a troublesome person in their difficulty or anger.

That is not to say, that we should become doormats and allow people to take advantage of us. Such a fate is a very real possibility for people, who stray to the other extreme and indiscriminately avoid all conflict/s. For people with this soft attitude, who have tended to lean this way in the past, it is no fast transition to recognize that their voices are important too. But once they realize this fact, they do gain fulfilment from being direct, honest, while being flexible and gentle. It is of course, a delicate balance, but one fact that they can all continually strive for.

It needs one to have great inner strength, to even take efforts to avoid a clash, which may manifest in so many ways, day to day. It could be on the hospital floors with peers and superiors; in the office with colleagues and bosses; in the classroom with competitive or selfish classmates. It may be biding your time until a family member’s or one’s own frustrations or anger have subsided, by having a productive discussion, when both parties are more amenable to it.

This process may mean, swallowing one’s pride, by admitting fault to friends, or more difficult to people who are less than friends or strangers. It may mean having an extra ounce of patience for loved ones, even when we feel like our ends are frayed and rapidly unravelling. Taking that extra time to breathe to reflect, can prevent us from saying words we don’t mean-words that cannot be unsaid or unfelt. Either we have said such things or we have been at the receiving end of words like that.


Do you know, that clapping hands can be a boon for your health. Many of you might be thinking it a joke, but it actually happens. The benefits of clapping hands are directly based upon the working of Acupressure theory. This seems to a joke if we tell that “Clapping hands make a healthy health”, but the good thing is it is absolutely right and worth too.  Clapping, a simple striking of hands, but it’s much more than you think.


People clap while singing, dancing, appreciating for good activities, achievements, in mood of joy etc. There are 39 different Acupressure points for almost all Organs on our Palm which are activated by Clapping and this action improves Your Health slowly but effectively.

It is scientifically proved that clapping is very effective exercise to cure many human diseases. Clapping hands is fun. This is why many children like clapping.


To have better human relationships, which is always two ways and not one way. When the relationships are one way, like one person doing all the talking, taking initiatives, performing then it leads to dejection very shortly, ending up frustrated too. This is again a vicious circle which would lead to negative emotions. There should be two ways and the hands clapped are not for noise of enmity, conflict, but for good partnership and understanding as in HIGH FIVES.


Why indulge in clapping hands with others hands, to be amidst conflicts, problems, or negative emotions, when you can clap hands for problem solving-solution finding, celebrate achievements, joy, to bring all around positivity!!!!

Let’s clap hands with others for good and positive things rather than conflicts and motivate ourselves by clapping our hands for good achievements, results, to do more successful things in life. Self-motivation always helps in reaching the expected goals in life.


Knowing and remembering what it feels like may in fact be the best motivation for us to substitute with kinder words. Our patience and refusal to engage unnecessary conflict/s, may be the best way to defuse a charged situation: