Kesari - Dedication Sikhs

Kesari - Dedication Sikhs

An excellent attempt to capture an historic war between 10000+ patans and 21 Sikhs. 
An Loyal British Soldier Havaldar Ishar sign, saves a Muslim women from few pathans and In turn tranfered to saragarhi Fort by the british officers as a punishment for his behaviour. 

As Nothing much happens in this area(Saragarhi), they are usually with limited Amos and weapons. 

Grudge of one of the Patans brianwahses every other leader in name of Jihaad and Plans to attack three major forts and decides to satrt with saragarhi. 

Akshay kumar being an ledengary actor proved himself again and did justice to the role of Havaldar Ishar singh.  

Similar to many other patriotic movie, This movie also made everyone watch the entire movie in silence and moved everyone into tears. 

Dailogue delivery and the screeplay was outstanding. And it made us realize how much we must love our Mother India, The freedom and security we enjoy now was build on So much of blood and sacrifice of Strong solider. 
This movie is all abt those 21 Sikh in 36th regiment who fought a brave war against 10000 ferocious patan with very limited resoucres

Jai Hind 
Bole So Nihaal