“Therefore, do thou always, without attachment, perform action which should be done, for, by performing action without attachment, man reaches the Supreme – Bhagavat Gita (3:19)

When god created all the human beings (jeevatmas’) supposedly he had attachment towards all of the human beings then imagine his plight. He is the sutra Dari or the puppeteer who has strings of all the jeevatmas’ and it’s in accordance to his whims and fancies that we are able to function, with the given, mind, body and soul (atma). The secret of KARMA YOGA, is to combine deep interest with perfect detachment. Be ever active, at the same time feel inwardly that you are the non-doer and non-enjoyer. Feel that your true self, the godhead within you, is the eternal witness. That is why Sri Krishna described yoga as KARMA KAUSHALAM, (skill in action). This attitude does not come easily. Attachment to objects is universal. No one is free from attachment of one kind or the other.

MAYA’S CHILD, Attachment is, in fact, the first child of Maya, illusion.  It is most powerful weapon of maya for binding the individual soul to the wheel of birth and death. You will not come back to this world if you have no attachment for anything. This whole leela or play of God is kept up by the force of attachment. The first attachment starts with the physical body. Then only all the other attachments crop up, like relationship of father, mother, sister, brother, wife comes in. one may even get attached to a person, place or object. Attachment is like a glue which affixes the mind to the object, when it gets stuck well then attachment becomes very strong.

PLEASURE-POSSESSION-FEAR, Attachment can come on objects, persons because it gives immense pleasure. Wherever there is pleasure there is attachment. That’s why humans get attached to wife, house, friend because it pleasures them. The attachment here is in form of possession of objects, people and wealth. The possession of objects generates selfishness. Selfishness causes greater attachment. Wherever there is attachment, there you will find, the feeling of I, ME, MY, MINE, from which starts the misery. The whole cycle of maya begins to revolve, where individuals get entangled himself like the spider or the silkworm. This is self-created trouble through attachment. Attachment is the root cause of all human ills and sufferings. It is the product of ignorance. Wherever there is strong attachment, there one will find infatuation and fear. Infatuation is a delusion. Infatuation and fear are long-standing associates of attachment. The cause of fear is attachment to this body and property. Attachment and fear are inseparable, like fire and heat.

MIND PLAY, Attachment takes on various forms. When sanyasins’ who are supposed to have renounced the world and the attachments in it, get attached to the disciples, pots, ashrams, this attachment is much stronger than the attachment of worldly persons and more difficult to eradicate. The peoples’ mind is so framed that it sticks to the paltry things that it needs drastic, rigorous discipline and real sadhana to get rid of all sorts of attachment. The mind tries its utmost to get attached to some form or other. It can never remain without clinging to something. It just leaves one form and immediately clings to another. This is its nature. The seeds of attachment are ingrained in the subconscious mind. We have to obliterate all these seeds completely through right thinking, enquiry and knowledge. Non-attachment is dispassion or indifference to sensual enjoyment, which is a purely mental state. The binding link is really in the mind. It is the mind which creates I-ness and Mine-ness, it is the mind that links jiva with the body and creates the idea of the body so that jiva thinks that it is the body. It is the same mind which causes attachment to work, family, and property. If the binding link in the mind is destroyed, you can remain wherever you like. You can roam about peacefully in any part of the world, unattached like water on the lotus leaf.

ATTACHMENT TO WORK, people like to do work they like and not the work they don’t. when they do the work they like they put their heart and soul into the work, with interest, passion. They are even unwilling to leave the work they like, because of which they take undue responsibility on their shoulders, get worried and anxious. Work can never bring misery, but the attachment and identification to work and the fruits of the action that brings in all sorts of worries, troubles and unhappiness. Karma yoga is the basis for work without attachment and identification. You should be able to leave the work you like any time, you should not care for the success or failure when one obeys the divine call, like a soldier on the battlefield. Then there will be no attachment to the work, there is great joy in karma yoga because there is no personal element present here.

ANASAKTI YOGA, the word Asakti means attachment and the anasakti means non-attachment. Once you abandon attachment to the fruits of your action, if you are ever content, if you consecrate the fruits of your actions and the actions themselves to the God, you will attain emancipation. Actions will not bind you because you are not doing anything, although you go through the motions of doing something. This is anasakti yoga. You will have to train the mind daily in all dealings and actions. Place before the mind, the glorious life in the atman and the supreme bliss of spiritual life. Slowly the mind will be weaned from sensual objects. It can be gradually turned towards self-realization.

Discipline the mind carefully. The old habits will creep in. Destroy them to the very root. Learn to discriminate between the real and the unreal. Develop dispassion as much as one can. Do not bother a bit when you lose petty things. Think always that the perishable objects in this world are worthless. Work incessantly without attachment without any identification. Then alone you can have real happiness. The joy that you will experience is indescribable. You will begin to feel that you are a different being now.