With the turnout of events, for entry into SABARIMALA temple, in the wake of the controversial judgement in September 2018, have always thought whether our stand on EMPOWERMENT of WOMEN has been totally misunderstood, misquoted, misguided as well. What is real WOMEN EMPOWERMENT? Being the topic a burning issue all over the world, another WOMEN EQUALITY WITH MEN, a universal issue. Ironically, its felt the real understanding of these subjects have always been either not understood fully, or the less or little understanding of these issues has led to so many confusions and embroiling controversies.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is, “refers to the creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own, for their personal benefits as well as for the society”. This issue refers to increasing, social, economic, political, legal strength of the women, to ensure equal right to women and make them confident enough to claim their rights. But one thing that needs to be told here is, all this refers only when the women’s rights listed above, be it in all aspects are affected, suppressed or oppressed. Where and when her rights are denied unjustly, she needs to be empowered to claim her rights. But all that is happening now, is the real classic example of catching the wrong end of the stick and fighting for the women empowerment rights, by over indulging and thwarting ones’ religious faith and belief is not definitely women empowerment nor does it come under this purview to make such a big hue and cry.

Let’s see what makes a WOMAN/WOMEN EMPOWERED, women should live their life with a sense of self-worth, respect and dignity. Have or take complete control of their life, within and outside of their home and workplace. To make their own choices and decisions without affecting another person’s feelings and sentiments. Have equal right to participate in social, religious and public activities, but not at the cost of uprooting ancient customs, traditions and practices. Have equal social status in the society, which will be given on the persons conduct and it cannot be claimed as a matter of right, when neither biologically itself men and women are not the same, nor they can be a claim for role-reversals. Have equal rights for social and economic justice, like asking for equal pay for the same work done, can be beneficial. Determine financial and economic choices for their betterment. Get equal opportunity for education, employment without any gender bias. Lastly get safe and comfortable working environment.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, is very important because, World-wide the statistics say, women populations constitute around 50% of the world population, where they are either underemployed or unemployed, around the world. The world economy suffers a lot because of the unequal opportunity for women at workplaces. Women these days are equally competent; they are also ahead of men in many socio-economic activities. Women are talented as men. Those days’ women were not allowed higher education like men and hence their talents were wasted. Now, women are encouraged to study as much as they want to, encouraged to bring out their inherent talents, which will not only benefit them individually but whole world at large. It’s important to say many women are holding top positions in multinational companies.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT results in, overall development of society, money that she earns not only benefits, helps them, their family and when viewed largely to develop the society too. To a larger extent, the economic aspects and benefits, makes them to stand independently on their own legs without depending on others for their basic needs. It’s vital to say at this point, that Indian women contribution and savings alone has led to the increase in GDP. Because women are educated and empowered there will be a substantial reduction in domestic violence, as uneducated women are at higher risk on this issue. Corruption is one aspect, when women are empowered, as they know their rights and duties, which can be stopped. Reduction in poverty happens, when single income from the family earning member is insufficient, the added earnings of women helps the family to come out of poverty trap.

Women are increasingly participating in national development process. They are making the nation proud, by their outstanding performances in almost all spheres including medical science, social service, engineering etc., Large organizations need a large pool of high quality workforce. Empowerment of women would help in increasing the total workforce of quality people. When in workplace, if they are treated equally with men, this would enhance and develop their emotional health. Nutrition important for growth and proper health, will provide for balanced and nutritious food and would keep their body healthy as they are earning and should take care of their health.

Every woman deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Not allowing them to get educated or not providing them with a safe working environment is against basic human rights. Empowering women would help in dealing with human rights issues when she has been subjected to atrocities, oppression and suppression, when her cause can be taken for further actionable. Empowering women also include creating awareness to cleanliness and hygiene for them to lead healthier life.

Discussed are the some of the aspects of real WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, as Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi on Sabarimala Issue said, the issue here is NOT OF GENDER EQUALITY BUT OF RELIGION, FAITH AND BELIEF”, when asked about the TRIPLE TALAQ ISSUE, which is of gender equality and not of religion, faith or belief. How many ever women, who are non-believers in god themselves, try to gain an entry into sabarimala, with the support of the other non-believers, all their trials and tribulations shall be proved futile.  They are the most misguided ones.