PM Kisan Yojana: The government has made a complete plan to launch the PM Farmer Scheme on the 24th of this Month. For the farmers, the first installment of Rupees 2000 rupees will be transferred this month under this scheme.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch PM Farmer's Scheme on February 24, 2019. Under this scheme, the central government will deposit Rs 2 thousand in the bank account of the farmers. This will be the first installment. Under the Prime Minister Kisan Award Fund, small farmers were announced annually in the budget of Rs. 6 thousand. Under this scheme, the second installment can also be transferred to April 1.

The government will transfer the first installment by March 31 to all the small farmers' accounts. A government official said that the second installment will be transferred immediately after getting the first installment. This will help the farmers to get Rs 4 thousand rupees together. In this way the farmer will be in the second installment account within one week of the farmer gets the installment on March 30.

Under this scheme nearly 50 lakh farmers will be transferred in the first day. Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat are sending the figure of eligible farmers to the Central Government.

According to the official, the states of which the farmers will be identified till February 20, they will be transferred to 2 thousand rupees on February 24. The Centre has asked states to upload the list of beneficiaries to the farmers till February 25. No payment will be without a base card.

According to the official, every state is participating in this scheme, but only a few states are excited. In 48 hours of receiving the data, the amount will be transferred to farmers' bank account. On the very first day about 50 lakh farmers will get the benefit of this.

States have to upload the farmer's name, age, category, address, base, IFSC code and bank account information on the portal. Those who do not have the Aadhaar number have to submit the enrolment number of the base.

This being on one side, the audio recording of the Collector of Tirunelveli, went viral from yesterday in all the tamizh News Channels. We trust the authenticity of the audio. She is none other than, Mrs. Shilpa Prabhakar and her fiery audio recording has won the hearts of manyin connection with the forthcoming PM’S KISAN SAMAAN YOJNA. Her bio-data reads as follows,

Mrs. Shilpa Prabhakar Satish I.A.S., Collector and District Magistrate is an officer of the Indian Administrative Service belonging to 2009 batch. Being the 215th Collector, she is the first woman Collector for the district. Ms.Shilpa is a graduate in Law (LLB from Bangalore University) and scored 46th All India Rank in 2009 UPSC examinations. She was trained as Assistant Collector in Tiruchirapalli district in 2010 and was posted as Sub Collector for Tirupattur sub division of Vellore district between 2011 to 2014. Later she served as Deputy Commissioner (Education) at Chennai Corporation for a year. After which she was posted as Executive Vice Chairperson for Industries Guidance and Export Promotion Bureau, Industries department Chennai. In this capacity her team worked towards implementing Business reforms action plan across various departments to promote ease of doing business in the state. Heading the investment promotion wing of the state she got developed the singlewindow portal which paved way for several investment proposals coming to the state. She took charge as District Collector Tirunelveli on 25th May 2018.

Her recorded speech was in connection to the people coming directly to her Collectorate for giving their applications/petitions under this Yojna, this is what she said, and reported verbatim,

“Good Morning, I am receiving lots of applications/petitions at the Collectorate towards Kisan Samaan Yojna. Two elderly couple have come here to give their applications/petitions here, when asked why they didn’t give to their respective Village Administration Office(VAO), they said that the VAO’s were not to be seen in the Village for the past two days, when they had gone to give their applications. So they have come here to give. I request all the VAO’s to be in their respective villages to accept and collect the applications. This issue is very very, serious and not acceptable. They are such old people and they have come all the way searching, to give this application/petition. The form has been filled up but not accepted, then taken next to Regional Administration Office, next Taluk Office, then not able to give to any of them, lastly they have come here. The said lady must be at least 80 years old. If you are not able to do such a small task, I am not happy with anybody’s performance. I want to ensure that all the VAO’s are on the field work, from morning to night, they should collect the applications. This is not the way we function. How will I send the data, not available, eligible, ineligible? If you are working properly, then when she is there on the field, she lives there, that too for so many years, in the same place, you didn’t even collect the application from their home, but you are reporting to me “farmer not available”. I am coming now for inspection to any village that I am passing across, I want the data of the village, VAO should be there at the office, if Ifind that the VAO is not in the office, whichever village I go to now, today, I am going to suspend the VAO on the spot. Whoever gets suspended I am not bothered, nor am I bothered about anyone. If the VAO is not to be found in the village. He should have list of the eligible, ineligible farmers list and I would see, whom they have gone seen, met, as per the list which I am going to verify. If I find that the VAO is out of town, or doesn’t have the list that VAO will be suspended on the spot. Please pass on this information to the VAO’s. Charges will be made against all those Tahsildhars who have failed to take (make) the task out of the VAO’s”. She definitely has to achieve her target before the said date of the kisan yojna.

What others would have thought twice to do, she has put her daughter in the anganwadi, which is close to her house.She wants her child to rub shoulders with all sections of the society and also pick up the Tamil language quickly."Our anganwadis have all the facilities. This (centre) is located right next to my house and she (her daughter) meets people and plays around,". "We have few thousands of anganwadis in Tirunelveli and each one of them has good teachers who are quite well-equipped to take care of children and we have good infrastructure and play material.It is a kind of an integrated child development area, kind of a play area. They are nutritional development centres," she said explaining her decision.

It takes immense guts to say this, she is a real game-changer, task-master, trying to revamp the system that doesn’t work on even keel. Making people work is by itself a herculean task. One has to have immense, clarity of thought and action, to be what they are and to do what they want to do, which is using their power, position to help the public at large in whatever possible way they can. When people in power tend to misuse their authority for their own selfish interests and benefits, here is one woman IAS officer, who has the grit of steel, to be the change that people want to see.