“With a very heavy heart, remorse, we pray for the departed souls, this definitely reminds of the FEBRUARY 14th, 1998, Coimbatore incident, where 58 people were killed, over 200 injured in the 12 bomb attacks in 11 places, all within a 12 kilometres radius”.

With the whole nation mourning, feeling remorse, helpless, the gruesome killing of 40 CRPF men, on February 14th, 2019, yet another black day in Indian History, who were just on their way to Kashmir, to resume duty. With the Prime Minster, Sri. Narendra Modi ji, promising to take immediate actions, with a fitting reply, it’s not the time to politicise this gruesome killing. We should stand united, as a family, society, country to pray for the loss of innocent lives, to bestow courage to the families of the dead to bear this loss. This is certainly not the occasion to discuss the why, where and when, if’s and but’s.

United we stand, divided we fall, that’s the need for this situation, as citizens of India. Instead of playing the blame game, let’s see where we have ignored, lapsed, be it at security level, intelligence information, any particular actionable not taken to avert this situation. Retired Army Officer, Sri. Hariharan, in a TV interview, vehemently opposed to this killing and even went to the extent of rightly saying that “we should eliminate the sources, which are within the POK, predominantly occupied by the terrorists’ outfit, who are targeting, innocent, gullible, youngsters luring them to operate against India and Indians at large”.

“First, he said before we even think of retaliation, which action is immediate, we should also strive to eradicate, the training outfit of this terrorists organisation, which is in the densest part of Kashmir. Unless and until we do something with this, the situation is going to reoccur. He continued that this wouldn’t have happened, with someone doing the agent job of catching and luring young boys and men, into their attractive trap, to act against India”.

In case of the suicide Bomber in the Pulwama, he was just a 20-year-old, an Indian boy, a school dropout, who was supposedly beaten up my army men, on his way back from school, which led to his joining the Jaish-e-Mohammad a year ago. He also professed to have reached heaven after the gruesome act by a video recorded earlier.

Some of the suggestions, with China siding Pakistan at the UN being silent on the voting against Pakistan, here is an enemy who would side Pakistan at the time of crunch rather than side us. We should muster, definitely get UN support against the terrorism, terrorists. The next step that can be taken, is withdraw our Indian Consulate from Pakistan, Pakistan embassy in Delhi, should be asked to vacate Indian land with immediate effect, showing them that we have tolerated enough. We should start severing all the connections, one by one, totally and forthwith. Playing of cricket with Pakistan, is out of question even on a foreign land be it Dubai or any other country. We should take tough stand.

Yes, the ISI-JEM terrorist outfit, is blameable, if possible we should make their chief Masood Azhar, accountable, who has the Chinese support by blocking at the UN. Not to disturb the fragile peace with China, India didn’t push Azhar case in UN in 2018. Pulwama terror attack, is the most heinous, despicable act ever, of Masood Azhar should be placed in the UN Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Sanctions list and for Pakistan to stop Supporting Terrorists. He has been given full freedom by Government of Pakistan to operate, expand his terror infrastructure in the territories under the control of Pakistan and carry out attacks in India, elsewhere with impunity, which has to be stopped with immediate effect.

News TN team, conveys their heartfelt condolences to the families of the departed souls, with a very heavy heart, pray for the families to face this time of grave situation with bravery, pray for their sons who have given their lives for their mother, BHARATH MATA to protect the civilians. MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN PEACE……