With the dramatic rise of social media has definitely brought the world closer, with a touch of a button, you can connect with people sitting in a different continent. The rise of social media has undoubtedly made our life easy, but it also has some negative effects on our mental health.

Social media has not only made the connection between people stronger but has also made them addicted to its usage. Regular scrolling and staying continuously on any social media platform can name a person isolated and unhappy.

Here are the six ways social media is causing harm to your mental health as per psychologists,

SELF-ESTEEM, social media plays a very crucial role in damaging your self-esteem. As we all are well aware that everyone has a fair share of insecurities and weakness, which they do not discuss openly and keep it to themselves. Constantly scrolling Instagram or Facebook feed and comparing yourself with other person’s perfectly filtered picture can lead to self-doubt.

HUMAN CONNECTION, With the growth of the digital era, people are losing the human connection. Nowadays everyone is so engrossed in the rectangular screen, that they pay less attention to the person sitting next to them. They forget to communicate with the person present around them and focus more on their gadgets.

SLEEP, sound sleep is very important for any individual. However excessive use of cell phone hampers the sleeping pattern of an individual. We keep on scrolling through our cell phones before going to bed, which makes it harder for us to get some slumber. Additionally, the bright light of the cell phone suppresses the release of melatonin, which eventually makes a person feel tired.

ATTENTION, we come across a lot of information while scrolling down the social media, but it is also responsible for distracting a person. We have become so addicted to social media that we are constantly on our phones. Even if it is for a few minutes, the social media diverts our attention. It is also a proven fact that, people addicted to cell phones have short attention span as they are far from the real world and reality too.

MENTAL HEALTH, numerous studies have proven the ill effect of excessive use of social media on a person’s well-being. Social media is responsible for the development of various mental issues like anxiety, depression, if it is not used with caution. This also enhances expectations as to responses for one’s status posting, which can be very harmful in the long run.

MEMORY, social media is certainly a platform to look back to a memory that we shared with our loved ones. But while making those memories we always forget to live in the moment and enjoy it. We spend too much time to get that one perfect picture to post on Instagram or Facebook that in reality, we forget to enjoy that very moment. Looking at a memory from the past can also distort the way in which we remember certain incidents.

Bottom line, it is extremely important to limit the use of social media and remain conscious while using it. Try to take a break from it and do not engross yourself excessively in it. Rather pay attention to things happening around you, at the NOW MOMENT, as itis not going to come back in anyone’s life.

This being the scenario for all, think of children, who are always seeing for messages, chats, school-college groups, which would definitely deviate them from studies. No matter how much ever we try to make them see the reason, importance of studies, to dedicate less time on cell phones, all will fall into deaf ears. The only way to tackle is, allow them the required time they need to be on cell phones, after their homework, studying, so that they also need to be in touch with other classmates. At times, possibility of doubt clearing option cannot be ruled out isn’t it?

As responsible parents what should we do or deal with this situation is, never can we be without buying a cell phone, as it is become the need of the hour. But always tell them the importance of studying, the teen-age tantrum syndrome which would make them rebel, if too many restrictions are laid down. The best time tested way, is allow them to do what they want to do and slowly bring them around to realise the importance of studies and to be in connect with social media, needs to be given less priority. Definitely not at the cost of the studies.

We should be participative with children, discuss, make them decide the time to be allotted for social media, not hampering studies, homework, exams preparations. This age of studying in school, college would never come back, importance of which should be repeatedly reiterated, drummed into them, so that eventually they realise too. Parents when handle situations in a participative manner, rather than being authoritative, would yield good results with children. Parents should also tell them that they too had crossed their age, sans cell phones, but the freedom given to children now, is purely on trust, faith, belief, we have on our younger generation. Any problems on social media issues should be freely shared with the parents, so that their intervention would solve issues pertaining that difficult moment for their better future.

Psychologists, also say never allow children to have a separate room, locking up the room, using cell phones, would be detrimental to them, as that would give them a chance to misuse the freedom given by the parents, in full trust and faith. Parental monitoring is needed constantly, for the children can hide the cell phones see stealthily for a long time at night, which would hamper their sleep, studies and health. Parents should definitely limit their pampering and over indulgence on their children, so that they don’t turn out to be spoilt kids. This is not good for either of them, as situations when go out of hands, would turn out to be more repentful and remorse.

Children are always the parents’ responsibility immaterial of their age, when the children are groomed to be good citizens, it makes the parents’ proud and less worrisome about their future. Let us create a good and genuine environment for the children to differentiate between the real life and the virtual life of social media. Anything done in limited measures is good for one’s mental, physical health, emotional well-being this is true for SOCIAL MEDIA. Awareness is needed for the children and grown-ups too, to this effect, not to over indulge in SOCIAL MEDIA.