Humans lives’ are all about the individual souls’ journey, which adorns various physical bodies, in sizes and shapes in tune with their past, present and future karmas’, giving it a nomadic existence.  Our whole existence evolves around the humans to become one with God, the formless universe, which cannot be uncreated as it will exist long after this incarnation. Soul is a spiritual journey for all humans. Let’s travel on various soul connections on these earthy incarnations.

First comes the, KARMIC MATES, this happens very often in normative, day to day life where one gets to meet another person only for the limited purpose of teaching or working out an issue, which could arise from the past karma. When there is an unfinished work or shared trauma or need,  karmic soul mates would come together for that limited purpose and then move away from each others lives. There is no permanance in Karmic mates pattern, as the name itself suggests,  which could come in the form of friends, family, enemies, oppressors or even people passing through, co workers. How they are present in our lives is less important than why they are present. Till the lessons of this life is learnt by very many karmic soul mates, the healing won’t happen and one cannot move forward. They come into our lives to teach us lessons that would spiritually evolve us. Not all karmic relationships are unpleasant, as it is possible to learn easily and joyfully. The main purpose of Karmic mates are purpose-driven and when that end purpose is accomplished they typically end. These connections are made with the intention of healing old wounds. These wounds are within your ego, sense of self they need healing before real spiritual growth.

Second comes the, COMPANION MATES, as the name suggests souls which fall under this category are in harmony and on the same vibrational frequeny, wavelength and are thought of to be SOUL MATES. Souls, enjoy a very warm, loving, long-term relationship under this category. They will strive to be together for specific purposes in life such as raising children, expanding their own understanding of genuine love. This also happens between family members, close friends. The companions teach, learn, grow, as it is a lovingly shared endeavour. This relationship runs the risks of a companion mate being close to TWIN SOULS OR TWIN MATES, because of which it may fail to prolong, could be short-lived, as one of the companion mates would suffer. The companion soul mate bond requires more work on ones part to sustain healthy, loving relationship. They both teach each other important lessons, they are not one -sided, they are mentor to each other in this souls’ journey. They both have empathy, love though not unconditional and divine love for each other. One thing that should be kept in mind is that, ending an existing relationship solely because one has found a twin soul is never a good idea because over the time they will realise that both companion and twin mates are meant to be and both have an important purpose in one’s life. True companions will allow their partners to lead a separate way and carry –on their life happily, often remaining friends despite the end of the relationship.

Thirdly comes the most important TWIN SOULS OR TWIN MATES, “ People think a soul mate is your perfect fit and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life”, -Elizabeth Gilber. These soul mates, are the ultimate companion mate, awakened to self, often feel called to direct spiritual work, humanitarian work. When one meets a twin soul they are amazed, happy, delighted by the parallel life paths, mirrored experiences, shares interests, values and dreams. They quickly grasp the sheer volume of synchronicities, similarities and telepathy that it is not a coincidence but the hand of divine’s play.

They have the, Telepathic connection, to think positively, stay in high vibration, reflect positive thinking to your twin soul as well. Emotional connection, to love one self for what they are, total acceptance, not to shun away from the person in the mirror but face oneself. Physical connection, to love one’s body, take good care of it, eat and live healthily, all these at physical and spiritual levels.

The twin souls profess, to love another person unconditionally without any expectations and love for humanity. Their love is so powerful, potent, that eventually the twins realize that there is nothing that can ever reduce their love or make them apart or change how they feel about each other. They become saints to serve humanity. Each type of soul-mate relationship is essential for ultimate healing and support system for learning. Treasuring them for the  unique roles, they help us to avoid the sense of guilt and unworthiness that can arise with healing experiences, because no matter how worst things may appear in particualr moment, it is all happening for the benefit of one’s soul. THE SOULS TRAVEL IS NOT TO HAVE RE-BIRTH, that happens only by healing and correcting the soul to attain the ultimate bliss.

-Vijayashree Ramesh

The writer is an advocate based at Chennai.