It is a universally accepted fact that making, erecting, plundering, trafficking, breaking statues are all the culture of the DRAVIDA KAZHAGAM’S that too at its uncultured best when combined with politics. The latest being the inauguration of Statue for Dr. M. Karunanidhi. Let us see the precedence of these Statues being the very subjective matter, more than the personality behind all these statesmen, which should matter more than whose statue is where and how many isn’t it?

“In the year 1973 when a statue for EVR was inaugurated and installed, then itself the talks went around for having a statue made for M. Karunanidhi. This was discussed after the demise of EVR in 1973, after which on behalf of DMK, headed by Professor K. Anbazhagan, in the presence of Maniyammai, wife of dead EVR, a statue for EVR for inaugurated in Anna Salai, near Simson by Dr. M. Karunanidhi, the then Chief Minister. In the inauguration function of the statue, Maniyammai the then DK leader, reported to have said, “As said and promised by DMK, you have all installed a statue for EVR, but after this you were all discussing whether statues can be made and installed for the other leaders, now you all cannot give lame excuses. So, on behalf of DK, I request that statue should be made for you (karunanidhi), moreover, on behalf of DK we have plans to install all over Anna salai, full size bronze statues and no one should object”. This goes to show the need for statues to be in all places.

But what happened after this was the fight between DMK VS AIADMK, regarding these statues itself is worth mentioning. First step taken was, a case was filed against the inauguration of the said statue by AIADMK. But the ironical surprise was, no Muslims objected to this, despite the vicinity to Darga in Anna Salai, (but now we can even debate the very existence of the Anna Salai, Darga even then). In the meantime, M. Karunanidhi was away on an outstation trip that, when AIADMK protested legally, DMK faced the challenge and won the case. Then in the Junction of Anna Salai-General Patters Road, on 21.9.1975, after procuring the GO, a big function was conducted and after having won the case, they installed a bronze statue for M. Karunanidhi.

It was inaugurated by KUNDRAKUDI ADIGALAR, the statue was of a young Karunanidhi, which was made with a pose of speaking on a dais, with three fingers pointed at as though he was delivering a public speech made to look very natural. This situation prevailed till 1987, but with the demise of MGR, in December 1987, the same statue of Karunanidhi was smashed by some anti-social elements. But Karnunanidhi took this statue breaking very jocularly, released the photo in MURASOLI, with a comment “Brethren, for those who have been allowed to perform such acts and are laughing, happy, that younger brother of mine has not stabbed me in my back, but in my heart/chest, still I am at peace”. After this another attempt was made to install another statue in that very same place, but was karunanidhi stopped it as he was very affected from that incident. After this the DMK people stopped making any further attempts for statue installation.

But now after the demise of karunanidhi, DK leader Veeramani, wanted to install a statue in that very same place in a very brave way. But at the same time from DMK side, they decided to install the statue of Karnunanidhi next to Arignar Anna, in Annaarivalayam, who was thought of to be brother to karunanidhi as announced by M.K. STALIN and saw to that all efforts were taken to install the statue very fast and in a quick time. Not only that any corrections to be made were also told by him so that the statue could turn out to be as natural as it can be done.

What led to this, Karunanidhi passed away on 7.8.2018, then itself the place where he was supposed to be buried became a very controversial issue. Suggesting that he needs to be buried near Anna, before any decision can be taken, a DMK candidate himself had filed a case not to have any more person buried in Marina, but later the case was dismissed and Karunanidhi was buried there. Later many leaders, friends, family endlessly visited the buried sight. 

EVR, in the year 1968, 1971 itself wished fervently to make a statue for Karunanidhi, but Karunanidhi categorically had refused. Same episode got repeated in 1987 when K Veeramani wanted to make another statue, when the first one was demolished, but the family members of Karunanidhi, party members didn’t give any go ahead signals and the project was stalled. But at behest of K Veeramani again, in August 2018, when he started that he is going to install a bronze idol for Karunanidhi, soon though it was considered by Stalin, but it was negated by Dayalu Ammal. But having elections in mind, Stalin with single minded determination, just after 130 days past demise of Karunanidhi, the statue was installed.

Now the issue is, having gotten a positive nod from Stalin for the statue making and installation, this has been interpreted as how Karunanidhi when he was in the most devotional self, had a statue installed for Maniyammai, young wife of EVR, like wise a statue can be erected for this wife (karunanidhi’s) too. Likewise, Anna’s death anniversary day which is 7th August every year, has been performed, as food is served in temples annually on that day too.

The said statue of Karunanidhi has been sculpted by Sculptor Deenadayalan and his group, installed, inaugurated in the presence of Sonia Gandhi, Chandra Babu Naidu (AP), pinnarayi Vijayan (KERALA), Narayanasamy (PONDICHERRY), in the vicinity to the existing Anna Statue. The same function was attended by other prominent political leaders and from the film fraternity. Resulting in trending #STATUE OF KALAIGNAR, #STATUE OF CORRUPTION, trending alongside # GOBACK SONIA, gaining the most popularity hashtags.

Karnunanidhi would have turned in his grave just after 130 days of his demise with his dutiful son inaugurating the statue for him, which he was into consistent denial as long as he lived. It is not about having statues made, for oneself, alive or dead, but what is that, so special to have statues made, kept in the main roads which speak of heavily traffic? What purpose does it serve to the person and to the public? What is that so great about a person who is in constantly making ridicule of our culture and gods, thread worn by the men, throwing chappals at Ramar statue, complimenting EVR to demean Lord Krishna? Who does their ideology work for when it doesn’t work for their own family members? And other party members?

If you have worked for the people, when elected by the people, to the people, then one would not need a STATUE to speak of their goodness, rather than their work should speak for them. When you can’t uphold our own Hindu traditions and customs, where there is a need for such people’s STATUE?