Yesterday, Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi Ji’s speech at the textile city, Tirupur, was scintillating and very he rightly pointed out the misdeeds of the “FAMILY” based, joint money making machinations. He rightly said, that erstwhile UPA, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, as Mr. Recounting Minister who never bothered about the middleclass and asked not to think of himself to be the only person with the grey matter. His jibes were direct and in retaliation to all that the congress leaders had been questioning about Modi Ji’s governance, which is par excellence. Mr. Chidambaram’s future in the party seems to be very bleak as no one wants him and have rejected him in the party.

The second point he raised was, like how family packs are bought in ice creams, mobile top-ups or the re-charge packs, P. Chidambaram’s family have applied for a family anticipatory bail packs in black money case. This comes as a shocker to the P. Chidambaram and family when INX media, bribery case co-accused Mrs. Indrani mukerjea, turned approver very recently. Mrs. Indrani has already given her statement to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and also testified before the Magistrate that she had given around Rs. 5 crores to Karti’s firms on the direction of Chidambaram to get a Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance.

It is learned that Indrani has confessed to CBI and ED that she had met Chidambaram many times and Chidambaram also asked her to help Karti’s firms. In her statement, she also said that even after giving around a million dollars (more than Rs. 5 crores) to Karti’s firms, she obliged to Chidambaram’s other demands also. To questions of investigators as to why she obliged to Chidambaram’s demands Indrani replied that as she was facing Income Tax prosecution for illegally bringing more than Rs.300 crores, she had no other choice accepting such demands. It is learned that CBI and ED had videographed Indrani’s sensational confession about Chidambaram. She said that as Income Tax prosecution was hanging like a “Damocles’ sword” on her, she had no choice but to oblige to Chidambaram’s demands.

INX Media bribery case is an offshoot of the Aircel-Maxis scam probe. The INX Media bribe was caught by ED’s Joint Director Rajeshwar Singh, during their joint raid with Income Tax at Chidambaram’s home and Karti’s firms in December 2015 in connection with the Aircel-Maxis probe. The raid had exposed Chidambaram family’s illegal assets in 14 countries and 21 undeclared foreign bank accounts. ED wrote to CBI in early 2016 that during their investigation, they found four FIPB violations committed by Chidambaram including INX-Maxis bribe case, urging for registration of First Information Reports (FIR)s on each case.

As per the CBI’s FIR, in 2007, INX Media got an FIPB clearance to accept only Rs.5 crores as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Income Tax then found that INX illegally accepted Rs.305 crores and issued a notice to Peter and Indrani, promoters of the TV channel. After getting the notice from Income Tax, the promoters approached Chidambaram and Karti and paid bribes amounting to around Rs.5 crores. The kickback was routed to Karti’s firms Advantage Strategic Consulting and Chess Management Services. After Karti confirmed receipt, the FIPB headed by Chidambaram issued an “illegal” post facto clearance to INX Media to accept Rs.305 crores. This was a blatant violation to save the firm from the Income Tax’s prosecution, said CBI. Karti was arrested by the CBI in a surprise move in February 2018, when he landed from London. After son’s arrest sensing danger Chidambaram obtained interim protection from Delhi HC in March 2018.

This money was transferred from Karti’s (now closed) Bank account of Royal Bank of Scotland’s Chennai Branch sometime during the time period January 16, 2006 to September 23, 2009, into Chidambaram’s bank account.  It must be remembered that during this time Mr. Chidambaram was the Finance Minister and this was the time period when the Aircel-Maxis and INX media bribery cases happened.  This shows that Chidambaram is well aware of his son’s activities and he also got his pound of flesh from the money collected by his son, further misusing the office of the Finance Minister.

This transfer of Rs.1.8 crores from the broker-son to the FM-father shows that they were in regular touch and were settling accounts on a case-by-case basis. People familiar with the customs that prevail in Tamil Nadu say that Chettiar businessman will settle accounts on the spot even if they are father and son.

Sri Modi ji, quipped in retaliation to the RAFALE DEAL, that congress men never allowed modernisation of the Indian Defence Forces, he also questioned that why every middleman are linked to any congress leader? He said that NDA, believed in approach towards national security which is different, believing in being self-sufficient took the path breaking steps of having two defence corridors.


The Indian Air Force usually buys its planes from either the Soviet Union or France. India has to avoid the ones Pakistan and China used and historically India preferred to deal with either the Soviets or the French and the French got the upper hand after Soviet disintegration. In 2006, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) floats the World’s biggest tender to purchase 126 fighter jets. France’s Dassault company’s Rafale and Eurofighter’s Typhoon were the main competitors and Rafale has the blessings of the then Congress President Sonia Gandhi. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has alleged several times that the deal was made between the then France President Nicolas Sarkozy’s gorgeous Italian-origin wife Carla Bruni and Sonia Gandhi, also of Italian-origin. Anyway, the decision to buy 126 fighter jets from Dassault’s Rafale was officially announced during the French President’s Indian visit in early 2008.

The number 126 fighter jets are still a mystery and originally the deal was to buy 18 directly from France and for the remaining 108 to be assembled in India at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).  This deal, termed as the World’s biggest tender was worth around Rs. 176,000 crores ($35 billion). Swamy accused that Sonia and her two sisters, and Carla Bruni were going to get 20% commission from this deal by falsely making Rafale as the lowest bidder. Why 126 fighter jets? The more the quantity, the greater the commission.


He also talked about ONE RANK ONE PENSION SCHEME, that his Government fulfilled and how congress belittled Army at the time of Surgical Strikes. People in the opposition are feeling insecure that this government is working well, doing good work because of which they have become desperate and abusive.

While talking about the opposition parties joining hands to oppose his Government, he questioned whether they had any concrete plan for people’s welfare? Blaming this Government to be a failure they are forming a big alliance to defeat Modi Ji. He also called the opposition parties coming together as MAHA MILAVAT, an adulterated club of the rich, joining hands to promote their dynasty.

He mentioned the yester years’ tall leader Sri. Kamarajar, Modi Ji also said that his Government also gave a zero tolerance towards corruption. He vouched that TN people would reject the other opposition parties, he also hit out at DMK and CONGRESS for doing away with reservation in promotion for SC and ST people.