As we all know, that horoscope, is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of sun, moon, planets, astrological aspects, sensitive angles derived from the moment of a person’s birth. It’s a derivation from the Greek word hora and scopos meaning time and observer. Horoscope is often referred to an astrologer’s interpretation usually based on the system of solar, sun sign astrology, which is on the position of the Sun at the time of birth. No scientific studies have shown support for the accuracy of horoscopes and the methods used to make interpretations are pseudo-scientific.

Our society has changed so much, in the 70’s, 80’s too marriages used to get fixed in some marriage functions where the boys ‘and the girls’ get introduced by common relatives, friends and the matter gets elevated to the next level. Initial stages being, of not being from the same gothram, star compatibility, horoscope matching were being the pre-conditions. Ultimately marriage used to get fixed as the elders would have met each other, many times by then. After considering affirmations from both the concerned parties to the marriage which was a rarity then, but most of the times the elders took the onus on themselves, of such arranged marriages as they thought that the girls’ opinion never mattered to them.  It was only the elders who took all the initiatives and steps for the marriage culmination.

In the current scenario, with the innumerable matrimonial sites, with the choice to upload or not to the photo, all other details of the boys and girls are being registered with payment made for I,3,6, months initially and sometimes years if they don’t find the right match. We depend, believe on the computerised data, details of the families, rather than getting alliances from known and reliable sources. That’s because we are too dependent on the VIRTUAL WORLD REALITY, with our best friends being WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, skype, Instagram. We are in a virtual world with less human contact and touch, that even the brides and bridegrooms are gotten from the details enlisted in the matrimonial sites.

Now a days, matching of horoscopes have become an uphill task. No two astrologers seem to opine the same, on any two charts given. This is very confusing and vexatious, for the parents, who go to them every time with a hope that, it will match and they can look forward to a wedding in the family. Sometimes not satisfied with the way of interpretation, people tend to go to another astrologer to get a second opinion. Even if the horoscopes matched the next mammoth task is the boy and girl should like each other when it is an arranged marriage. Most of the times the girls and the boys get rejected because their expectations are not met even before any concrete steps are taken and decided. At times it’s a NON-STARTER TOO. This happens even before the horoscopes are sent or seen for matching purposes.

Most of the love marriages happening, the parents think that their job of searching a bride or a groom is saved, having in mind the happiness of their son or daughter they don’t even object to such marriages, whether it is within the community or outside. The current trend is as long as their children are happy getting married to the partner of their choice, all is well. They check out the family of the bride or the bridegroom as the case may be and are happy and content with their children’s choices. It has become very common, as in the fear that they might get married without the parents’ consent and blessings, most of them heed to the children’s ’choices whether they are inwardly happy or not is a different matter altogether. I really can’t fathom the fact that, how many of them are tangled with horoscope matching in these cases.

Why is the need to see the matching of horoscopes, for marriages, especially when it involves two people from different families, is to check out the compatibility factor of personality, between the two people concerned, who are supposed to enter the marriage institution. When the compatibility is not there they can have the choice of rejecting the proposal. Most of the times, good alliances get rejected, despite families liking each other, only because of unmatched horoscopes. There are people who still this practise this, families who don’t have the horoscope system to fix marriages, choose from flowers in two colours, one in white and the other in any other colour, placed in front of the god, the venue may be a temple or the Pooja place at home, asking someone old or invariably a child in the family, to pick up a flower among two with closed eyes or blindfolded, in deciding the marriage proposal. If the colour chosen is red, pink then it is POSITIVE and when white colour is chosen it is NEGATIVE, towards the marriage proposal, which has been in practise from time immemorial.

It is to be seen, that many girls and boys are remaining unmarried, at middle age, for want of horoscope matching in the younger days and not able to find a proper match at the later stage. This is because of the number of choices of horoscope which go down as age goes up. Many parents, children, don’t realise this fact and keep searching for the perfect partner, as no human beings are perfect and god has made everyone with their imperfections too. In a rough expectation of 5 conditions if 4 conditions are fulfilled the marriages have a chance to happen.  In some cases, the marriages get fixed in a jiffy, with everything falling in its place, like horoscope matching, families liking each other. The marriage is always between two families rather than two people.  

The apathy, laments of parents who seek marriage through horoscope matching is pitiable, they are at the mercy of the people, who take advantage of their apprehensions and anxieties. For those who believe in horoscopes, they are also asked to do very many PRAYACHITHAMS that is to appease god, to save them from any impending negativity happening owing to planetary movements. Whether it’s a horoscope matched wedding or not,