IN YET ANOTHER WRITE UP ON SOULS’ JOURNEY,  every human relation, bond, gels together for reasons unknown, one may call it PRE-DESTINED. Given the trend of fast, mundane life, the relationships have also become very “I AM OK, YOU ARE OK” where people find it difficult to delve into it beyond the surface, simply for the lack of time, intent, inclination. Presumptions can never make relationship work but the real time, value given, to make it work. The real ground reality is always different from the picture that we see, glimpse, sneak from outside. When we get past the outside glittery picture, that’s when we know the stark actuality.

When we see people from the outside, what they project to be, is what we get. This phenomenon is called as WYSIWYG- WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! But as time goes by, when the farce, mask comes off, that’s when we know the real, true nature of any person. But many a time, the confidence, faith, trust, belief that we repose on a person, never gets mis-placed, taken, understood. This happens only when the person, has consistency in thoughts, words and deeds (MANASA-VAACHA-KARMA). It is right to say, a man is worthy when he never changes his colour to suit his situations, convenience. They lose the realness otherwise and sham creeps in. DHARMIC would be the right word.


Sometimes in life, unexpected things happen, especially when not planned, giving surprises from unanticipated quarters. Believe me when I say this, most of you would have experienced it too. What started as a simple programme to visit gingee Fort yesterday, the road leading to it has extensive open lands, forest reserve area, arable lands and barren dry lands flanked on either side. Houses seen sparsely, excepting the small villages one passes by. There are two forts the Raja Fort, very dilapidated and nothing worthy of seeing, the local people suggested to visit the Rani Fort. The Fort still has see able quarters of rani, the marriage mantapam, her gymnasium, the horse stable, the granary storage, venugopal temple were all visited and seen, among others.  But when it came to climbing the fort, the steep steps would give the healthiest person an extra palpitation in their heart. So very wisely gave up the idea of the fort climb.

At the same time, it was too soon to come back to Chennai, but never thought the trip would extend to, make me visit Thiruvannamalai for the first time in my life. Since I have been asked by many whether I have visited, made me take the chance.The reach into the proper town is little roundabout way because of the bridge construction. If you are a local, you would be a dab hand at it. But for newcomers, first timers it is always merry-go-round. What exactly we wanted to cover by the road trip after the change in plan, was the Maharishi Ashram, girivalam path, Yogi Surat Kumar’s Ashram, the Arunachala temple at least to have a glimpse of them.

Not let known of our impending visit prior, one led to another, I got to meet the person about whom I have been writing all this while. Notified about our whereabouts, when we reached his place we saw him waiting for us at the footsteps to receive us. Never have I seen such implicit simplicity in anyone. For the position one holds, they can demonstrate or exhibit power, supremacy, to let know others of their being in that strata. But never have I met anyone with such casual attitude, no airs, makes anyone comfortable with him, the moment they see him.

We were taken on a tour, camp office, his house, extensive big garden around the house, Big kitchen, roof top green garden, palatial gym room, the Pooja set of Sri Rama, sita, lakshman, hanuman in metal was an antique, ethnic one. This reminded of my other article #8, COATS ROAD, where I had described the living in that house in my earliest articles. Houses which are rich in nature’s abundance is always a pleasure to see. The greenery is soothing to the eyes undoubtedly. The efforts taken towards planning and growing fruits and vegetables is very commendable, you name it and you can see it there. A house is not always full of things, but how well we make it liveable is the “thing” here. 

Children have good space to play, cycle, as it is a sprawling house. We met the lovely small family, chatted for a little while, it was time for us to leave. A busy man taking his time off, to spend some with us itself is a blessing in disguise, that too on a Sunday afternoon. Spritely boys are always joy to watch, their playfulness, restlessness, to be active all their wakeful time, it is nice to see the child in them.

I have narrated my real life experience, this goes to show that men of his calibre are still there, to instil faith in humanity, still waters run deep, men with very mature, clear, firm thoughts don’t get perturbed at the slightest. His calm, serene nature makes one feel very ease, comfortable. Men of his kind are a rare find. Getting to know him for writing articles about him, has led to meet up with him too. You might have all guessed who the person is? Otherwise keep guessing !!!!

It was a pleasure meeting you sir, for what you are