The most recent video which got circulated in the WhatsApp, using this platform of social media to promote the death of a 13-year-old boy, Dhananarayanan to have been buried alive- “JEEVA SAMAADHI”. The video to this effect ensued the boy being carried physically to a place, where a sand pit was dug out, filled up with vibhuthi and other materials to make the human burial seem real and true.

Let us have a glimpse of the background of this boy, the news initially spread from PADAIVEEDU RAMANATHAPURAM area which comes under the POLLUR taluk in Thiruvannamalai District, where a boy under the age of 16 has attained the jeeva samaadhi, which generally is attained by saints, yogis, sadhus. But can be reached only after years of practice, abstinence from worldly pleasures, living the life of an absolute monk. The said boy’s name is Dhananarayanan, whose father Hari Krishnan is a teacher in that village. It is being told that Dhananarayanan fell sick most of the times, unable to continue his schooling.

On March 24th, while standing near the well at his home, he fell into the well after a sudden attack of epilepsy, having lost balance at the same time. After search, the fire brigade came to their rescue and retrieved him from the well, who was head hurt because of the fall, when a 108 emergency ambulance was summoned to take him to the nearest hospital, the ambulance personnel after having checked his condition, declared him dead.

As this was happening, a saint who had come into that village, checked his pulse, declared him to be alive and jeeva samaadhi has to be done. Accepting the saint’s word without any arguments, parents of the boy agreed to this process and gave their consent in  format of a video, for this way of an adieu to the boy. The after effects were as follows, post this video, the process portrayed which went viral on social media, it was thought of and commented by many that this boy has attained jeeva samaadhi. The cement bags which were used for while digging the well, were narrated to be used for the jeeva samaadhi process, were demeaning. The way he was thought of and projected to be Paramahamsa, a holy saint, were strongly condemned. The truth to be told is, he fell into the well, using that information, the people in and around staged a drama which is a big crime by itself by falsifying an information from the truth, what had actually happened.

JEEVA SAMAADHI or ADISHTHANAM or BRINDAVANAM is the tomb of a Hindu Spiritual Guru or a saint. It is believed that the saint's life force still exists in the tomb and prayers are offered to it.

"Brindavanam" is the term used for Vaishanavaite saints and Adishtanam for the rest of them. It is called as Jeeva Samadhi in Tamil Nadu, mainly with reference to Siddhars. There are hundreds of them spread all over India. In case of shaivaite saints , a Shiva linga is placed over the tomb and for vaishanavaite saints, the sacred Tulsi tree is planted.

In this concept, by spiritual practices, life is not allowed to go out of the body. The seed cells in the body never get damaged. Such a person stops the functions of the body after completion of his or her mission by his or her own will. Gnani will fix his or her mind with the Almighty and stop functioning. The body is then buried. That body will never decay whether it is thousand or ten thousand years, because the magnetic force in the body itself acts as a life force in the body. As "unseen masters" or "invisible helpers" they guide the human race to wisdom.

It is believed that this force remains forever and the time limit for the Samadhi status depends upon the saint's bio-magnetic strength, which may vary in terms of hundreds of years. Until then, the soul in Samadhi stage will continue to bless the devotees. The place around such Jeeva Samadhi has very high spiritual magnetic force. It can be sensed by the gnana aspirant. If these places are maintained properly, they become energy banks supplying the needful.

This matter came to the attention of Sri. K. S. Kandaswamy, IAS, collector of Thiruvannamalai, he immediately ordered for a POST MORTEM, it was found after the process that, Dhananarayanan didn’t attain jeeva samaadhi. On a direct inspection and investigation, this has been notified by the collector, who was present on the spot of the samaadhi and post mortem process. He said, “the parents of the dead boy, have performed the last rites of the boy, in accordance to their culture and tradition. But it was the social media which spread the false rumour of jeeva samaadhi. The matter is under investigation as to who took the video and sent it in the social media. He also warned the miscreants who are unnecessarily spreading wrong information, news, to the general public and severe actions will be taken accordingly. More over this boy didn’t attain jeeva samaadhi at all and it is being confirmed. The boy had an accidental death by falling into the well, because of a sudden epileptic seizures and head injury. Moreover, the miscreant, who ever staged this jeeva samaadhi drama, severe actions will be taken against him”.

It is very important to say that, how Sri. K.S. Kandaswamy sir, went about the whole viral video and the actions taken by him to sabotage the mysticism that shrouded the jeeva samaadhi issue. He thought of the matter from all angles, which is whether the death certificate issued by the person is authenticated or has the authority to do so?  Why post mortem has not been performed? Why didn’t the fire brigade themselves suggest the post-mortem? What was the real reason behind the sudden burial? He also ruled out the possibility of any religious connotations, given to this issue, because of the gravity of the falsified video information.

For answers to all his questions, he first ordered investigation by the police and he intervened at the right moment to step in for a smooth post-mortem process to rule out any eventuality of any other cause, unnatural or otherwise.  This way it was also found and confirmed that the boy had a death from fall, owing to sudden epileptic seizures only and not otherwise. He directly met the parents of the boy yesterday, explained to them, the post mortem process which is the most legal thing to do, at this moment of over looming controversy, over which he exercised all his power, authority, to simply negate the false news that was spreading like the forest fire.

He ruled out the possibility of a mishap of jeeva samaadhi of a young boy, as this news will always spread and be blown out of proportion, when it has not happened. He just put a FULL-STOP, to the ever spreading false rumours, gossip-mongers, evil-doers. He is just waiting for the post-mortem report to come after which the saint who advised the boy’s parents of jeeva samaadhi, the boy of jeeva samaadhi breathing exercises, will be taken to task and he already is under his eye-view and scanner. He has also taken immediate action for stoppage of such rumours to go around and create unnecessary false impression amongst general public by his interview, to all the news channels last night.