• While watching any national TELEVISION CHANNELS, you will atleast see this advertisement repeated at a frequency sponsored,  where an aged man, also called as DADAJI in the ads,  looking thin, frail, sporting snow white moustache, donning colourful, bright red bandini printed turbans,  raising his arms to bless newly married couples, kissing small kids, shaking his legs as the jingle hums in the background with the lyrics, “ASLI MASALA SACH SACH-MDH MDH” in the catchiest tune that, no one can ever miss this advertisement which is broadcast in all the national soap channels and of course the news channels too. This is none other than, Sri. Dharam Pal Gulati, who is 95 years old, is probably the world’s oldest AD STAR and that’s not his only claim to fame. Gulati is the owner of the Rs.2000 crores MAHASHAYA DI HATTI (MDH) GROUP, and has just been conferred the PADMA BHUSHAN for TRADE AND INDUSTRY.

  • A Class V dropout is also reported to be the highest earning CEO in the FMCG sector, he is also known as “Mahashaya Ji” and recognized for his trademark looks which he loves and hogs the limelight and attention and he jocularly shares, “ever since the announcement about his award his phones have not stopped ringing. “Main aur koi nasha nahi karta, Mujhe Pyaar ka nasha hai” that is he says, “he has no addiction except an addiction to love”. He loves when children and young people meet him and take pictures and selfies with him.
  • As the highest earning CEO, in the FMCG sector taking home a salary of above Rs. 25 crores in 2018 says sources. While delving into his past, born on March 27th, 1923 in Sialkot, now in Pakistan, Gulati’s story is quite the rags to riches story. After Partition, Gulati and his family came to India with barely Rs. 1500 to call their own. Initially he started working as a tangewala, (horse-cart puller), but soon his family gathered enough resources to open a spice shop in Karol Bagh’s, Ajmal Khan Road.
  • Business slowly started thriving and Gulati now has over 18 factories in India and Dubai with MDH spices distributed across the world. The Company sells 62 products and claims 80% market share in North India. Even though he turns 96, in less than two months, Gulati visits at least one factory whether in Delhi or adjoining Faridabad or Gurgaon every day. His six daughters and a son help him to run the masala empire he worked hard to build.

  • When asked about his long life span and health tips, the secret is his Spartan diet and regular exercise. He quips, “Main Bhuda nahi, jawaan hoon means I am not old and I am still young, flexing his muscles and opening his mouth to show his pearly white teeth. His regular routine is, he wakes up at 4 AM every morning to walk at Nehru Park, followed with yoga and a frugal breakfast. He also walks in the evening and at night after dinner and keeps himself updated with news on his phone and checks whats app regualry!! It goes to show how techie savvy he is and quite updated at that.

  • Despite all that he still loves and thrives on the limelight, nearly each inch of the wall at MDH House in West Delhi’s Kirti Nagar industrial area is covered with beaming face whether it is pictures of him in cased in shiny gold frames, calendars, large cut-outs and even a clock that traces his life through pictures. He regales, acting in his own TV commercial happened by accident when the actor slotted to play the bride’s father failed to turn up. When the director suggested that he should act as the father, he thought this would save some money hence he agreed. There was no turning back since then. Gulati has been part of all MDH TV commercials since. Evidently India can’t seem to get enough of dadaji and his deghi mirch.

  • It’s really true that when the body and mind are kept very healthy, with good diet and exercise that one can achieve whatever they want to and the sky is the limit. This is very truly inspiring story of a man who lives very young despite his age which is only a number in true sense. This should be taken as a living example for all those who want to achieve and make a mark in their lives. Not only this, his life goes to show that age is a defeatable factor, when there is a clear, firm goal or aim to achieve in one’s life.

  • He is a true living inspiration to all the Indians and more so to all youngsters who want to make it big in life and who are not afraid to work hard. Any success story would carry the fact that, there is no substitute for hard work and for one who fearlessly strives hard, world is in their palms (mutti). For, education matters when one wants to use it as a means to end, but for all those like him who are dependent on only hard work, in a consistent working pattern, with mind full of positivity, where is a will there is a way, as