My motto in life is that nothing is impossible, no target unachievable - one just has to try harder and harder.

- Kiran Bedi


In India for the populous 130 crore, the total number of police stations are 15000….at times the situation is so grave that either we are unpoliced or under policed….then what is that makes us manage such situation is, because of our ancient practices of righteousness….

In any lives of police officers, what is first and foremost is the AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP, which they command over law of the land and the people of that area. It is quite often said that Authentic Leadership has no double games, where law and people are intertwined that no double games can be played at. The challenges that they face are complex and easy. How the challenges are faced, the more simpler the officers’ lives are, straight forward their lives would be too. When they make it complex driven then they will have more crises. So it is always good to go by the rules, law and be ready to move always. It is imperative that not only the police officers’ are light footed but keep their lives simple and baggage’s’ LIGHT. Some facets of their lives are thrown light.

These come with some more packages, It is said and felt that, they should do, live only what they can afford and not to travel beyond that point of stretching their affordability. There are three golden rules for AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP, they are SIMPLE LIVING, READY TO MOVE, NO COMPROMISES. When you go by the law and know to react the way at the time of crisis for people, these will take you a long way. There are always demand for good people in crisis. Create your own perception to support the people at the time of crisis which is ones gut feeling.

It is very important that FAMILY plays a very important role in any police officers’ lives. A happy family keeps the mind happy, which is of top most importance for any police officer. Here too it is suggested that they keep it simple and straight as far as possible because their job entails that their work is always top priority and central point. They should respect what they do, unless they do it, it will be easier for the immediate family and extended family to accept their work nature and pitch in moral support.

Police officers should become parents only when they can really devote their time, energy, mentally inclined to take up the responsibility. Since our police force comprises one-third of women amongst the total people serving, it is all the more needful that they balance fitness, personal life, motherhood. Lack of time towards children will have its own impact in the long run. When one has a very supportive family then they can balance work and motherhood. This also holds good to men-officers who take equal responsibility in rearing a child and their upbringing. It is a challenging phase in every police woman’s life.

Among all the other things said and done, it is very important that they also have good financial back-up. It is taken for granted that their jobs are pensionable ones, their old age needs are being taken of, but, while in service, as salary increases it is better to invest in houses or have additional savings as everything is for their families benefit. It is very wise to invest in a house in the early age, years, of their career, so that when they want a place to stay there is no dearth of it at the end of their career or whenever they feel like visiting their home land. This happens because they are always on the move regarding their posting, or they would have come from different part of the country. This would be a very good investment at a young age when they join the cadre.

Education at any level should not be stopped for any police officer, be it updating the laws, rules and regulations of their job entailment. The need is to stay qualified, updated at any point of their career. There are innumerable on-line courses which they can study and qualify for their career boosting. At any age and years of service it is imperative that they keep up their education levels always updated and not become redundant. With the nature of their work given, education can act as a DE-stressing factor as it can regenerate one’s tired mind. Hunger for knowledge should be maintained at any point of time. Make small notes of changes in law so that you can guide others and not get misguided by others. They should not be suffering for want of knowledge at any point of time, so that they DON’T FOSSILIZE.

It is very necessary that the police officers should not only have professional qualifications, apart from that, it is the need of the hour that they are tech-savvy, that they need to have I pads, computer, to keep themselves updated about Economy, Budget, Legal, read and listen or watch NEWS. They should also keep themselves at work in tandem with the juniors, who could be more knowledgeable because of their interactions with common people, by having a good working module. At times, good insight can be gotten by talking to the bottom line staff. They need to diarise their daily learning so that it can come handy at the hour of the need and they are not dependent on others to update them. They need to have good interaction sessions with the public so that they share a healthy relationship as they co-exist in the same society.

It is very important that the police officers should start their day with YOGA, Meditation, play or exercise at least for one hour in the mornings or start of the day, so that their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being is taken care of. Physical fitness is foremost as well as the spiritual goodness for any officer. They should lead a well balanced value based life, stay rooted despite all odds, don’t get disconnected despite the stark realities of the society. It is further more reiterated that they conduct blood donation camps, charity shows for a public cause, so that they interact with the public more and the myth that police are not that friendly will fade away forever.

Every police officer should have a gift cupboard at his work place so that whatever can be given away with magnanimity to people who deserve it the most. Whatever is in abundance has to be given away. There is no point in accumulating things, when they don’t serve anybody’s purpose, but can be useful to someone else who does not have it or deserves to have it.