Its ironical, when we are living in this modern age of the most immediate, fast networking, aided by the highest technologically driven smart phones and other gadgets, where the communication and the reach is instantaneous, minute by minute. Those days, when someone got wounded they just used to give the first aid and let the wound be kept in open, so that the healing process is faster. If for a wound this is the treatment whetted out, then shouldn’t there be a better process of communicative treatment amongst people? In this tryst to discover the change in the communication ways, despite the fact that we are technology driven, in the process,where is it headed towards?

This skill of communication applies, in one’s personal, familial, societal, workplace or any interaction with two humans, that’s an undeniable fact. It’s not how much we are being heard, but how much we are listening to others without being judgemental, decisive and conclusive is the issue here. You will all agree to this fact.I am averse, to women watching the soaps, for the simple reason that, they all follow the same pattern, that is, most of the serials are single woman (invariably the heroine or the main character) oriented with a family, which she is born into or married into. That’s when the circus starts, all the other women in the family gang up against her, to insult, rile, taunt her. But she withstands all this and how she manages them is the whole story and all the serials are about. Give the viewers a break, when are we going to switch from these stereo types and what are we trying to communicate? That no other person can be an enemy to women, only other women!!

These days’ communication is very limited to what’s app, Facebook, social media rather, where we befriend even strangers, without knowing their true intentions and character. Virtual world has its own pluses and minuses, its ok to be in Facebook to be in touch with your ex-colleagues or long lost friends from school or colleges, but with strangers one always runs a risk. How does this communication mode help us, there are lots of good things one can share instantly and we don’t have to wait till next day for communication? These platforms give us the option to block the communication with people, when things go haywire unexpectedly.

Communication as a tool is being exercised by many, as a propaganda for I, ME, MY, MINE purposes, which is for I did this-that, ME for the purpose of promoting the happenings in their lives, MY is for birthdays or personal events, MINE is for any achievements, talent show cause purposes. That’s good because we get to know about so many people, their hidden talents and achievements coming out in the open, commendable too. But for what limited purpose the communication done is questionable here.

The modus operandi of communication can be either very vocal or cell driven or personal human contact with one another.  People mostly in challenging jobs, are more stringent, efficacious in their operation of cell phones, for the simple reason they don’t have the time for such luxury to even reply or be in touch, as their schedules over take their time in any particular given day. But when they decide to communicate, it’s to serve their purpose and means. I will not attribute this to selfishness but its more PRIORITY driven, than anything else.

Good and great messages can be conveyed by the communication medium like films, but what’s happening is they are used again and again, to say the fact, as though the society is violent and otherwise. There are good subjects which can be taken as a movie and communicate a different story rather than compulsory duet songs shot in faraway land, the heroines seen clad in skimpy clothes, what are they trying to communicate? Is there a sudden dearth of heroes, where the grandfather-turned heroes are yet to give up their position and star studded status? Nostalgic about those days’ documentary films which carried societal issues, personal family messages. There could be better films made with the usage of high technology, in the tinsel world too. Again it is another matter of communication.

Communication is most effective when it is one on one, group discussion, when they all face each other. Technology does unite everyone by the skype,e-mail, satellite or by high end means, where being in one place one can be connected to the world-wide places instantly. This is ideally suited for business purposes and save the cost of travelling to another country just for a meeting purpose. Communication is so advanced that we can get things done in a jiffy right in the place of work, home, stay. It is so developed that what one chooses, how to go about is the best way of communication for them.

All said and done, I would support the cause of communication, which is done by directly establishing, be it telephonic, e mail, meeting the person directly. This is the most OPEN form of communication that one can do, this quashes all the inhibitions, apprehensions about the matter to be discussed. Nothing like having a good, open communication, which can even be a start of a good relationship. Relationships are made, developed by having a good communication, over a period of time which can develop into an unbreakable bond. Communication whatever form of it is used, ultimately has to serve its purpose of keeping, people, society, community, states, country together.

Miscommunication always creates, distance, wedge between the people, it’s imperative to have a good communication skills supported by the technology tools stay connected to each other. Nothing like talking, moving, meeting people in person, where people had all the time in the world, as compared to now, which is more modern, mechanical, mundane life. So, it’s right to say whereabouts unknown, to the olden days of inter-personal communication-relationships isn’t?? which was more people driven than technology!!