Who Killed Mahatma Gandhi Ji?

Who Killed Mahatma Gandhi Ji?

The immediate answer will be RSS by some

But what is the Fact !

There is no FIR copy or any documents of case registered on RSS in Gandhi Assassination.

The case and FIR was charged against Hindu Mahasabha, in which Godse was a Member.

The then Hindu Mahasabha president Nirmal Chandra Chaterjee was made as the judge of Calcutta High Court by then Prime Minister Nehru & Also he was elected as a member of Loksabha from Bengal on CPM ticket. In that Constituency which Congress didn't field their candidate. He was also made the vice president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, and treasurer of the Bar Association of India, by Nehru. He had also served as a president of the All India Civil Liberties Council, and as vice president of the International Commission of Jurists - Indian Branch.

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