The women's liberation movement (WLM) was a political alignment of women and feminist intellectualism that emerged in the late 1960s and continued into the 1980s primarily in the industrialized nations of the Western world, which effected great change (political, intellectual, cultural) throughout the world. The WLM branch of Radical feminism, based in contemporary philosophy, comprised women of racially- and culturally-diverse backgrounds who proposed that economic, psychological, and social freedom were necessary for women to progress from being second-class citizens in their societies.  In India, women were not educated generations back, but that scenario has completely changed now. Women are educated, balance family and work, there are many avenues for those who choose to be housewives too.

Our economy has been always dependant on the savings by the households, as per RBI’s survey in their projected twelfth year plan, women have been the major contributor towards this, is an example of what women can achieve.

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Our country is women centric, they are the ones who run the family with all the traditions, culture and customs’.  Women in the families are the fulcrum by which the whole system operates. Their power, prowess, can be very beneficial or detrimental to the society.  Women are being educated, given the liberty to think for themselves, decide their future, freedom to choose their life partner and lead a better life than their ancestors. Gone are the days of women being suppressed and oppressed.

Having said this, the scenario now is, there are few women who take all pervasive issues like the customs, traditions, culture and start condemning them, start questioning about them, with their intellectual capacity. These women are the ultra-modern, forward thinkers, who question the age old practices through their liberal mindedness. To be liberal in the true sense, should be to empower themselves in the right way, do good to the society and not to create unnecessary ripples in the society by questioning the unanswerable. They are the ones who wear masquerades and conduct charades, one for the society and another in their private life, which are full of unexpected surprises and nothing is done the RIGHT WAY.

The law makers instead of being supportive to our age old customs and traditions, are supporting these so called the right thinking people, by decriminalising Extra-Marital issues, we believe in one-man one-woman practice, in keeping the sanctity of marriage alive, there are exceptions to all the rules, where the legal system punished them, but you can’t change the law to encourage affairs out of marriage which would result in more divorces. Next the Sabarimala issue, where the age old customs and traditions were carried on without any impediment, is being tested.

True liberation for WOMEN, is taking care of family keeping intact the practices, to society, by doing good to the needy, down trodden and being an able contributor to our country in some small way. What good we think, talk and act is TRUE LIBERATION and not being a spoiler.

-Vijayashree Ramesh

The writer is an advocate based at Chennai.