Who can ever forget the most nostalgic song, just before his premature death, of MJ, the emotions with which it was sung brought tears to who ever heard it for the first time or any number of times. There is always someone out there for you. Sometimes you have to reach out instead of waiting to be reached.

Something whispers in my ear and says

That you are not alone

I am here with you

Though you’re far away

I am here to stay

But you are not alone

You are not alone – Michael Jackson

At times all of us experience, a difficult, testing period, the totality leaves one very disturbed and for those of whom who are seriously affected they get into severe depression or the symptoms of depression. However, it is not the episode that leaves one damaging the spirit, but the loneliness.

At any given lowest point, one would feel alone and the loneliness is palpable only to the person experiencing it, for the reason they are too stuck up in their head and are not willing to see anything beyond it. It will be believed that no one understood them what they are undergoing, going through, or cared enough to help. It is during this period, that one has to come up with the best ideas of reaching out to contact friends, family would be very overwhelming. They would be too stuck up with this over thinking of their problem/s that even getting out of the bed would take, need all the strength and efforts from them. They would definitely not look forward to each day as a new one, as it comes too.

All one needs is, a reassurance that they want someone, anyone known, to tell them that they are there for them and that they are not alone. Once they make up their minds to do so, they will find that they do have the support of the family, their mentor, friends who have known them for a long time and even if they want to feel alone they would never be.

What all humans long for basically is this,“what I wanted more than anything was someone, anyone, to tell me that they were there for me, that I was not alone” a fact to be reiterated and repeatedly said. This is the message to the millions of people going through challenging times right now.

No matter how isolated one feels, one may feel overwhelmed by the pressure of your job, one may feel down throughout the day nearly seven days a week, one may feel that no one can possible understand your suffering, but reach out and see that there are people who can relate to your experience, one may feel alienated, heartbroken, disconnected from those closest to you, which makes one feel and believe that they are by themselves, it is only a feeling, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

One may feel like crying, cry. If one wants to scream, scream. Do whatever you can do to let it out! Please just remember that there are others who have been there before or just like you at that period of time. There will be people who care about you to help you. Right now there are people going through the same thing as one is going through, but remember that there are people to whom one can talk to for support and validation.

One will get through this, I know it is hard to believe, but this too shall pass. It may not be easy for one, there may be times when one feels like giving up. One of the hardest things to do when one feels drained is to ask for help. Men especially have a hard time reaching out when they feel despair, desolate, melancholy as it definitely depends on each and every individual.

But one does not have to carry this burden alone. There are people who can help you, to weather this storm and lay one’s burden down. If you know someone who is suffering right now, reach out to them whatever way one can. If one does not know what to say at that reaching moment, simply assure them that they are being loved and THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

If one is going through depression, feel down, lonely reach out to those closest to you. If that does not work then do not hesitate to reach out to a Counsellor, psychologist or a mental health worker as the case may be, as